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Prom doesn’t have to be about a puffy, sparkly dress and over the top makeup. It can be about you expressing your funky style, and it’s an excuse to buy that dress you’ve been eyeing at the vintage shop. Let go of what you think you should be wearing, and put some thought into what is truly going to make you feel vibrant and sparkly. Hope you find some inspiration in these vision boards, xx. funkyforest

Funky Forest

She climbed out of the back seat of an old car. The wind caught a strand of her hair, and as it brushed her cheek, gold glitter fell to the ground. Disposable camera in one hand, she reached with the other to a rose bush by the curb and picked a white flower to tuck behind her ear. She spends the rest of the night laughing and swaying to the music.

The aura: Lemon yellow, sandy orange, deep green, Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume.

The look: Long free-flowing dress, hair pulled back, glossy lips and gold eyelids.


Midnight Rider

She blended in with the night sky, dark dress moving with the wind and the moonlight reflecting off the silver glitter on her eyelids. Speaking in whispers and radiating a magical glow. Throughout the night she makes music requests to the DJ that makes the whole room feel like it’s in an old film.

The Aura: Purple, blue, black, Brittany Burberry Perfume

The Look: Long dress, highlighted cheekbones, strappy heels.


Lady in Ruby

Clutching her velvet purse, she draped her other arm through her dates and laced fingers with them. She smelled of Chanel #5 and lipstick. Heels clicking on the floor and hair swaying behind her. Throughout the night she leaves red kisses on everyone’s cheeks.

The Aura: Red, red and more red, Rose Perfume by Diptyque

The Look: Deep lip color, velvet everything and faux fur


Satin & Chains

This babe has the perfect contrast between soft and sassy. She’s dancing to the music, light hitting her silk dress creating a warm haze around her. She only leaves the dance floor to grab a drink and chat with her friends.

The Aura: Peach, mauve, rosey pink, Lola by Marc Jacobs Perfume

The Look: Sparkly eyes, lined lips, silk dress, faux fur heels



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Cybelle is a sunshiney nymph dwelling in Portland, OR. She falls in love with nature, the sky, and kindness from strangers everyday, sips coffee, and couldn’t live without her journal or the ocean. Instagram // Youtube

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  1. You have such a wonderful mind, thank you for celebrating original style and ideas, and i love how you always leave every post open for interpretation, it is as if you start off a revolution in my head that can lead to great things, this is my place to come for inspiration. emma you will forever be sparking creativity in my soul, my heart, my life

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