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What Is a Messy Head?

Earlier this week, I launched a survey to see what you guys were thinking about the blog and the messy heads in general to help make improvements to the site, shop, and content! Towards the end, just out of curiosity, I posed this question: what does being a messy head mean to you? Here were some of my favorite answers accompanied by cute doodles that you guys emailed me 🙂 So much love!


Accept that we ‘re not perfect, we are messy with beautiful souls

Living how I want to live- freely expressing myself in every aspect possible , without a care in the world about what any other individual thinks of me. Being a messy head lets me live everyday feeling liberated and electric , I feel sunny and soulful and chilled and unique and mellow and thrilled and messy.


Not having to fit in by adapting yourself to society’s standards/expectations but rather express yourself to the fullest and live life meaningfully while caring for the planet and every living being in it.

Being compassionate, caring, confident, thankful for each day.


Being able to be myself without being judged. Being able to let my hair down and take off my makeup and just be free

To me, it is all about digging deep and really finding myself. For a long time I have struggled with finding any passion or hobbies, especially since coming to college. But reading the blog and following you girls on social media always gets me thinking and I feel like it really expands my mind. I don’t feel so trapped anymore and more than ever I feel free to be myself.


I find it impossible to put into words exactly what being a messy head means to me. To put it as simply as I can, being a messy head means being myself, being the best version of myself I can be. Someone who does what makes her happy and lives her life the way she wants to, not how others want her to. It means being a part of a community that supports each other and brings each other up. A community of love and happiness.

To me being a messy heads means being free. Being able to express who you are and celebrate each other’s differences. To learn and be inspired by each other. 


not going to lie, before I came across the blog, I was in a very dark place , very depressed and just stuck in this gloomy mess, but your guys’ 30 days of journaling and 10 days of 10 minute meditation and your guide to veganism , really really shined a yellow ray of sunshine onto my life. and I thank you. being a messy head means that I am accepting myself, failures and all. I am never going to be perfect and I am all I got, so I need to learn to love myself and spread that love throughout my world because it definitely needs it.

It means accepting yourself for who you are flaws and all. Also accepting the fact that you have this one life in which you can live your dreams and do what you want without caring what others think!


You’re a messy head when you are learning to appreciate and value your inner self no matter what shape your outer self may take. It is not really knowing exactly where you want to be or who you want to be with, but having ideas and dreams and goals and learning about everything around you, everyone around you, and especially yourself.

Being purely myself, 100% of the time. And allowing myself to grow and learn each day


I have completely taken the saying “Stay Messy” as a lifestyle I love life so free, in the moment, always looking for the positive. I love myself so much now along with the people around me. Being a messy head literally means be happy.

A messy head to me means that you’re a beautiful mix of chaos. There can be so much good going on around you that you get caught up in all of it. You’re not focused on how you look all the time, trying to be all put together, just focusing the experience you’re having in the moment.



  1. Dana Hashem says

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Love this girl, love this post. Thank you Emma for being an endless inspiration


  2. Madison Elyse says

    i was running today and thinking about random stuff as one does and the last one sums up all my thoughts today perfectly, its so amazing to live and be present in the moment without worrying about superficial things like “does my hair look okay?” “do I look fat right now?” its so freeing to truly care about what’s actually happening in this moment right now instead of worrying about yourself


  3. So beautiful! I love to read how others see being messy. For me, being messy is expressing myself in the most authentic way I can and not caring about what other people think or if i ‘fit in’, but being proud of being different.


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