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What’s In My Bag

Shot by Cybelle

Written by Emma


Hanging on the back door of our apartment, are two little hooks. I have my cheeky fawn canvas bag on one, and my kanken work backpack on the other. My work bag has three journals, a calendar, a planner, my tax information, business information, and random notecards tucked in pockets from when I was trying to organize the order of the magazine. When we head out to a coffee shop to work, I’ll hook my arms under the straps of my back pack and trudge out the door. But, on days with no destination in mind and endless possibilities, I grab my cheeky fawn bag. It’s contents are things that inspire me, get me through my day, and connect me back to myself and my purpose.


The essential in this bag is my messy heads journal. My favorite is the wanderlust one, the cover is a picture I took out of my plane window on my way to Hawaii, so looking at it brings me back to beaches and snorkeling and drinking Kona coffee. It immerses me in the sights, smells, sounds, and experiences of that vacation, and then allows me to channel that appreciation into everything that is currently surrounding me. The words on front, “let this world inspire you” are a reminder to myself to see inspiration in all the details and find gratitude in everything. I fill this journal with doodles and poetry and uninhibited thoughts.



Always gotta carry one of these babies with me in case the opportunity presents itself to show somebody what I do or to give it away to someone who needs it! (buy here)



I swear by this rosebud salve. It is slightly tinted, juicy, and I love the little tin that it comes in. I also love my l’occitane hand cream- my mom always carried the vanilla bean one in her purse so it reminds me of her.

The essential oils also get swapped out depending on what my goal is for the day. Lavender is great for spiritual awareness and opening your third eye chakra, but lately I have been leaving that one at home to sniff before meditation, and bringing peppermint and eucalyptus with me out when I work or write.



My crystal bag is always on hand, with a rotating cast. I never leave without citrine– it helps me channel my creative energy wherever I go. If it’s near a full moon or at a time of transition, then I will have my moonstone on me too. Rose quartz is a great aid with entering new relationships or meeting people for the first time because it helps you open your heart chakra and share your true self. I find that love comes pouring into my life when I keep my rose quartz close or meditate with it. Some other stones that I am loving right now are amethyst and aquamarine. If you know absolutely nothing about crystals- just go into a crystal shop and pick up whatever you are most attracted to- chances are that is what you need in your life.

If I am going to the beach or to a party I will bring my tarot cards. When I am grounded in sand or soil I can better ask questions and get answers or sort through some of my thoughts and worries at the time by dealing  a tarot hand. It’s also just a great party trick if anybody there is open to a reading.

IMG_1067 copy


My roommate Haley just opened up her online store, Honey Vintage and we recently went and picked up some vintage wallets and sunglass cases, available soon on her site!

+ sunnies wise I am loving tinted lenses. This is a lavender tinted frame I borrowed from Cyb.



CANNOT leave the house without headphones.



  1. Maddie says

    I love your bag essentials!
    Also, where did you get your crystals? They’re something I’m really interested in, I just have no clue where to start!


  2. Maria says

    I really want to get the magazine but the shipping cost is 11$ so I have to pay 23.50$ What should I do? Is it worth it !?? (I live in Barcelona btw).
    Love your work!


    • It’s totally worth it! I was a little hesitant when I first ordered mine too, but once I read it, no regrets at all!!


  3. Madison Elyse says

    i just got my wanderlust journal last week, its literally perfect for what i need i take it everywhere

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  4. The picture on your journal is so beautiful! I really love clouds & the sky, the way it always looks different but still beautiful is very inspiring to me. I always take tons of pictures of clouds & the sky.

    I really like that you carry a messy magazine issue to give it away to someone, you’re such a good person and this blog + your youtube really inspire me to try to be the best version of myself. Thank you 🙂


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