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By Christie Tyler

Christie is a blogger & student in New York City, constantly creating and sipping cappuccinos. You can see more of her work on her blog,Nyc bambi   

Developing your own personal style can be magazine-tearing, blog scrolling, online shopping, Pinterest-inspiring pure fun, but it can also be filled with tons of hair-pulling, copycat fears, and piggy-bank sadness. We all know how difficult it is to cultivate and create personal style, especially when it seems as if everyone wears the same trends. Being a blogger myself, I too constantly struggled with creating my style and being unique in a world where an outfit can be shared by a tap of a screen.

I want to make style a reflection of my personality. An extension of myself rather than a reflection of the world.

This is how I crafted my personal style.tumblr_o5hf45p9Je1sn2thco1_500


You need to find what makes you tick. Is it the rich, brown tones of a coffee shop or black and white monochrome buildings and art museums? Do you take photographs of glitter on lips or delicate lace against hips? It’s all about what you admire. If you love edgy, pouty Kate Moss in the 90s, be edgy. Make a Pinterest board and re-pin ripped jeans, chunky boots, all the edginess you need to inspire your wardrobe. If you love vintage Jane Berkin, create a board dedicated to pinstripes and collared shirts with buttons, cut out from old magazines (while listening to your record player, of course.) If you aren’t sure what you like, just grab any photos from Tumblr or Pinterest that call your attention and a vibe will start to naturally form.

 essentials-01For example purposes, lets just stick with creating the perfect vintage wardrobe. According to you and what you studied, what are the absolute must-haves that will be the basis of your own personal look? Mustard cardigan? Striped cropped trousers? Oxfords? Write down the 5 staple items you must have and then you can continuously build off of these gorgeous, absolutely-you items.

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brainstorm-01After you have your essentials, you can start putting together simple outfits and looks. Just because you’re ‘vintage’ doesn’t mean you can’t throw a pair of mod sunglasses in. Be you. All the little accessories, or maybe just by adding a dash of a different style, can create and develop your personal look even more.

condient-01I can’t say this enough. Don’t care about what anybody else might say or think. Work this new style with a smile because, after all, you’ve worked hard to create this look and you will not let an anonymous Twitter comment ruin that perfectly assembled retro outfit. You look amazing in it anyway and everyone is just jealous.

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stye-01I’m definitely not saying you must take pictures and create a flawless Instagram feed for your personal style. Have a messy Instagram feed, who cares about what anyone else says, as long as its you! I will say that being on social networks and creating your own page can help reinforce your style and make you feel even more inspired. I take photos of what I love because it helps me focus and hone in on the things that truly inspire me. Therefore, I’m able to seriously know what is me and what isn’t me.

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patient-01I’ve been through literally all styles in the book; emo, preppy, vintage…so do not get discouraged if it takes a little bit for you to develop you. Perhaps you will have to go through this process 4 times before you can understand your personal style, and that’s completely fine! Just stay happy, stay you, and stay inspired.
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  1. oh my god!!!! i love christie’s blog so much and i was so excited to see this post + i love the messy heads style posts

  2. loveee that you’re collaborating!!! this post was awesome, specially since it feels like I have no idea what my style is right now!!! will definitely be acting out some of your tips

  3. I love this so much, everything that is posted on this blog is so inspiring to me. And I’ll definitely check out Christie’s blog!

  4. Wendy A. says

    Christie I love your writing style and talent . I was particularly attracted to”mustard cardigan”. I may build my style off that piece alone.

  5. I see I’m not the only one who picks “mustard cardigan,” but that’s OK! After all, I feel like if there was any color that had a shot at being called ‘the new black,” it would in fact be mustard. Why? Because it’s such a versatile hue that can magically find its way into any season, it instantly gives your outfit a vibe, and it’s basically the swinger color that has happy relationships with several other colors (much like its fellow swingers, black and blue [denim]).
    Christie, this post was awesome. It was so relatable. Admittedly that fear of being a copycat arises in so many of us I’m sure, being inspired by your blog and IG. On the one hand we don’t want to “copy” something verbatim, but you make so many garments, ensembles, and room decorum worth trying out for ourselves.
    While each and every one of us has the opportunity to choose our own personal style, I know what you mean about becoming a reflection of the world rather than just who we are as an individual. I do think it’s OK though if we are all sporting similar trends sometimes because after all, there’s a reason why we may instantly think of certain looks and wardrobe pieces and makeup trends that ‘belong’ to any particular retro decade we so admire. It’s because, yes, those ringer tees and wide bell bottoms were a trend many followed in the 70s. The inexplicable need to make your hair larger than life while sporting bright aerobic attire was ‘the thing to do’ in the 80s.
    Today, we are fortunate to be able to somehow blend the past and even combine things from different eras, make it new and there doesn’t have to be rules you follow. However, I’ll bet we can all admit to ourselves that in the past two years, despite adding our own unique spin, we may have felt the urge to buy button-down Brandy skirts, wear bandanas and chokers around our necks, and sport belts with a western buckle on our high-waisted ripped jeans, all made to have that vintagey green-brown tone by slapping the VSCO M5 filter on our photo for the Insta. (who feels like I just blurted an unspoken secret? lol) Even though many of us could look ‘the same’ by trying those popular pieces, it’s what else you do with it that makes it YOU. What setting you’re in for the photo, what length/color/style your hair is, and really how you pull it all together.
    I love scrolling through my feeds on all these style-inspiring apps and getting ideas. At the end of the day, I think what we all have in common with finding our style is that doing so makes us happier. Caring about your style and doing research to put together outfits and take photos is artistic and creative and probably one of the healthiest outlets or pastimes you can have. Being able to say, “I’m rocking this ensemble and showing the world who I am and I love it” is rewarding and makes you confident and adventurous. It helps you live.

    -Sorry this is so long, but this article really got me inspired! Keep on being the coolest blogger, Christie. It’s always exciting to see what you’re gonna do next!

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