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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

Forgot to post an April favorites so this is an add on from last months, making for a long list of favorites. Get ready for feminist documentaries, vegan treats, moon ceremonies & more. Enjoy xx


Broad City-We have cycled through the three seasons a couple of times, pointing out the characters as each other. Haley and I can’t stop saying “QUEEN” because of it. It’s painfully relatable at times and overall comedic genius. Two best friends living in New York city, figuring out their lives, and taking down the patriarchy one joint at a time.

60s– Netflix has two amazing historical series, the 60s and the 70s available that really puts the hippie carefree vibe that we all associate those eras with into perspective. We have watched the 60s series, learning about the war, Kennedy assassination, all the political unrest, the Haight & Ashbury brought to its knees by Charles Manson and over saturation in the media. The most entertaining history lesson you’ve ever had.

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry– Another great historical documentary. It highlights the activists fighting for women’s liberation in the late 60s and how radical it was considered. Watching this made all of us charged with inspiration & gratitude for those who have fought for our rights, and there is still more to fight for.

The Mask You Live In- A GREAT feminist documentary about how masculine ideals in society are also hurting our boys and men. Amazing speakers share research and statistics while young men share how they felt they were never able to express themselves. It shows another angle of feminism that isn’t talked about as much and is still just as important.

Cooked– Rounding out the watch list with another documentary that breaks up cooking into four elements and explains the humanity behind the revolution that is cooked food. It’s an anthropology lesson with stunning visuals and steaming food so colorful that you can smell it through the screen.

readThe Four Agreements– If you haven’t picked up this book yet- do so! This was our last book club discussion which can be recapped here.

You’re a Badass– Book club discussion on this book tomorrow! One of my favorite books of all time and a must read. Join us on you now even if you haven’t read it yet.

A Glass Castle– Our next book for the book club!!

The Messy Mag– There has been such an AMAZING response to the first magazine! We ship worldwide.

The Trouble With Being Born– I love reading eloquent philosophical books that challenge my own beliefs or make me look at life through a different lens.

Moon Spells– Use the energy of the moon to manifest your desires. Plus cool information about candles, crystals, spells, & more.

Thug Kitchen Party Edition– On day to day we cook simple vegan meals that don’t require much effort (rice+ spinach+ beans) but on weekends we want to bring people together over food and this cookbook has a lot of great options that all of our guy friends really enjoy as well.


Its Honey Vintage– My roommate opened up her own online vintage shop- Honey Vintage! New products every week, all curated vintage for amazing prices. We love the pieces so much its hard to give them away sometimes.. Read more about Haley’s vision for honey & the impact of fast fashion here.

Slip Style Dresses- Haley found a few of these for Honey- I love the loose 90s silhouette that hug your figure as you dance or move. Especially ones that hit mid calf with super skimpy spaghetti straps- paired with some chunky shoes or strappy sandals for an elegant  but edgy nighttime look.

Beret– You know I love my beret….

Calvin Klein Jeans– I thought that vintage levis were my savior- until I tried on a pair of vintage calvin klein jeans which fit me SO much better than my Levis ever did.


Taco Night– We were actually out at lunch with some new friends and they asked Haley & I what our specialty dinner is, and without even making eye contact we both said “tacos” at the same time. It’s true!!! Our cauliflower tacos are the go to when we have big groups over at the love shack. Bake cauliflowers seasoned with lemon, chili, & garlic. Serve with beans, chopped purple cabbage, fresh corn, sauteed onions, bomb guacomole, and a tahini sauce. We lay everything out on the table so people can help themselves!

Brunch– I would eat breakfast for every meal if I could, and brunch is just the socially acceptable way to say I want breakfast food even though its 3 pm. Check out our latest brunch post to get inspired and extend breakfast later and later into the day.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream– 4 vegan flavors… My current favorite is oreo cookie peanut butter. Try it but don’t try it because it is addicting.

Squash Pasta– For a creamy pasta sauce, boil up some squash, wait until it gets soft, then put it in the blender. Add in some garlic powder, almond milk, sautéed onions, salt, and pepper. Blend and then pour over your pasta.

Little Pine– This is a restaurant in our area that is not only 100% vegan but donates all of its profits to animal welfare organizations. I always want to bring friends here to grab good food and do some good. Plus they have croissants, biscuits and gravy, and amazing lattes with their house made cashew milk.


Tech Backgrounds- This month we have 2 phone backgrounds and 2 computer backgrounds for the messy effect! Click the below links to download

phone 1 / phone 2  computer 1 / computer 2

Paint Parties– Grab some paints, a few blank canvases, and invite a bunch of people over to just freely create without any judgement or expectations. Great albums to play during your paint party Coexist-XX, Channel Orange-Frank Ocean, & Ego Death- The Internet.

Ukulele– A friend gifted a ukulele for the apartment and now its always being played during breakfast or when we take work breaks. We have written a few songs that don’t leave the love shack, but an easy place to learn some new songs are ukulele tabs.

Essential Oils– I have been learning more and more about the healing power of essential oils after I listened to a war veteran tell me about how aromatherapy healed his PTSD. I got a basic kit and have been reading up on the uses for each. After having them for a few weeks, I find that lavender oil helps me during meditation and peppermint oil is great for getting me on task and focused for work.

Meditation Oasis– A great podcast that has around 100 guided meditations, each for a specific purpose and ranging from 7 to forty minutes. I usually turn one on before bed and listen to it all the way through or until I feel the meditation is complete.

Waking Up Early- On your days off it is nice to sleep in, but I have really been loving waking up early. Getting up around 7 and walking to a coffee shop or bookstore to sit and have the quietness all to yourself before the day starts.

Coconut oil + Sugar scrub– 1/2 coconut oil and 1/2 course sugar mixed together in a jar for the perfect scrub and smoothest skin you will ever have.

Greenpeace– Join your local greenpeace to connect with your community and learn more about what is going on with our world and environment. After just being involved for three weeks I have already learned so much about my habits, bills and laws that are up for vote that hurt the environment, and gotten involved with an anti-fracking rally at city hall. Be an activist in your community!



Pale Blue Eyes- Velvet Underground


My Kind of Woman- Mac Demarco

Get Away- The Internet

Red Balloon-The Internet

No More Home-Soko

Same Drugs-Chance the Rapper

Complexion- Kendrick Lamar

Untitled 2-Kendrick Lamar

Untitled 7-Kendrick Lamar

Wind Cries Mary-Jimi Hendrix


I Will Miss The Jasmine-Shannon and the Clams

Cat Party-Shannon and the Clams


Hours-Denai Moore

L$D-Raury cover



  1. Anonymous says

    I’ve missed the ‘Favorites’ posts! so great xoxo

  2. kayla says

    Hi Emma! Can you do a post on some tips on transitioning into being vegan? It would help a lot 🙂

  3. Love love loved this post 🙂 If you are starting to get into essential oils I would highly recommend RAVINTSARA, it is hands down the best essential oil if you have a cold/flu etc, as it eliminates the mucus build up in your chest if you rub it into your solar plexus and the soles of your feet. And if you feel congested put it on your temples 😉 Enjoy darling xxx

  4. Favorites posts are forever my favorite because of all the awesome movies/books/music I discover through them!!! Much love

  5. so crazy that the book club book this time around happens to be my favorite!!!!! so exited to hear your thoughts

  6. Sabrina says

    omg the 60s and 70s docu series were amazing i wish there was more episodes

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