June Horoscopes


Themes and Feelings of the month: Creative and determined, positive interest in traveling

New Moon: June 5th, Gemini

Full Moon: June 20th in Sagittarius


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Gemini: Happy birthday my ever-so-curiously and communicative Gems! I’m here to tell you not to worry about the direction that the next year of your life is heading in. Use this retrograded Mars time to focus on listening to others, for deeper communication runs both ways. You will feel the urge to dig deep, but I suggest that you channel that energy into detailing your talents and work. If you invest that energy into people who don’t have time to reciprocate it back, you may end up frustrated.

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Cancer: Pealing off your old skin to embrace the evolved you can be scary. But think of it like you’ve gotten a bad sunburn and it is slowly turning into a lovely new tan. You will be feeling as sweet as a sugar plum and very bubbly this month! Things are going to be much easier in the long run if you just be yourself. People will be jealous, but who cares? Hold off on anything to do with finances, you’ll have better luck next month with organizing your income.

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Leo: It’s time to forget about work and school and just focus on friendships. Do any work or projects with a creative perspective rather than thinking of it as labor. Money seeming short is only temporary- June 26th is going to be a good day for everyone and Jupiter should deliver your paycheck around then. With Mars in retrograde, it’s a good time to plan and organize, but don’t jump on decisions quite yet.

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Virgo: Drown out the voices around you that are telling you what path to choose. Invest in your goal or anything career path related. This month focusses on what you truly desire emotionally. Later in the month you can focus more on your relationships because Pluto is in your house of true love. An amazing aspect about this month for you is your creativity that is spiraling out of control. Get a journal, keep it in your glove box, and write down all of your ideas.

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Libra: June is a good time for you to hit the refresh button, sit back, and dilly dally all around the place until July. You might find yourself planning a get away or even just going for it. Shake things up and broaden your horizons by reading books by the pool side on stuff you want to know more about. Knowledge is power, and maybe even qualifies as beauty in your book. After all, this Gemini sun is making us quite curious.

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Scorpio: Zap! The universe is jolting you with determination to get going on finding a new job, starting up a savings, or just organizing your surrounding so that you can succeed. Intuition is running strong. You’re stuffed full of excellent ideas. Is a friend venting to you about a problem in their life? Words of empathy and validation for their feelings is all they need from you. And maybe their favorite flowers.

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Sagittarius: Take other perspectives into consideration. Saturn has entered the sign of Sagittarius in your first house (being all about your personality), and it’s going to give you the passion you need to shine a disco ball on your near future. You might feel concerned about a man in your life for whatever reason, but try to let it go and just be at peace with what is. Also, save decision making for later in the month.

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Capricorn: Work it, Capricorn! The Gemini energy of people coming to you for your helping hand will make you feel useful and highlight what you do best… work! However, don’t be so stubborn, cooperate with who you’re working with. Jupiter will align with Pluto in Capricorn around June 25th or 26th, so prepare yourself for some terrific luck and send out those positive vibrations to the Universe so that they reciprocate your vibration.

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Aquarius: You are competitively creative this month. Aquarius can often stray from what they know works in order to try something new or different, so try to keep away from that this month in order to stay efficient. Find joy in learning to love the silliness and weird behavior that you and your people spark up when you’re together. Silliness is beautiful and a thousand times better when shared, so get yourself out there.

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Pisces: Daydreaming about someone may feel like it’s taking over your life! If not, family matters seem like number one priority. You have a lot of sparkly juju to hand out right now, so don’t be worried about your impressions on others… You are a natural sweet heart! However, don’t get too caught up in image- remember to pay attention to detail in work and business matters.

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Aries: Think ahead regarding work so that you can schedule some fun into your summer. You’ll have a lot of fun with the energies Venus in the sign of Gemini will stir up for your love life. You’ve been a busy bee, so you must take time to travel and see a good show! Celebrate your gains in work with loved ones on this Sag full moon.

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Taurus: It might be a good idea to take shelter in your basement for the cash related struggles coming in the first week of June aren’t going to be very encouraging. You may feel agitated, but it’s important to watch the blabbery Gemini words that might spill out of your mouth. Stay alert this month. Relationships are looking warm and fuzzy, and you may look to your Taurean traits of generosity and loyalty to get keep you happy- what goes around shall come around, my friend.



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    always on point! everything relates to my life at the moment <3

  2. Elsa Elvira says

    Im mindblown of how it is completely true. Thankyou so much for the great advice I really needed this at the moment. I’m completely in love with The Messy Heads, will always be my fave!<3

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