Summer Daze


Warm summer nights. Driving down the PCH. Hands in the wind. Music turned up loud.

Story By Cyb

Photos By Emma


We fell asleep a few hours ago. Night had long passed and only when the orange glow of sunrise hit the bedroom windows did we rest. We couldn’t sleep for long though. It was already 80 degrees by 11am. Groggy and still in our worn out tees, we hit the beach. Skateboards under our arms, we shove a few bucks in our pockets, grab some coconut water, and run across the street to the sand. We all lay out, the water is glistening like it does only on the sunniest days, some of us fall asleep, others wander the stretch of dunes and palm trees. Our backs golden brown and hair blonde from the sun, we run into the water. The contrast of blue on the beige sand draws us into the waves. We take off our sunnies and slip out of our ripped wrangler jeans. Diving deeper, our whole world is in slow motion. Black swimsuits, chipped nail polish, long hair. There are little groms out in the surf and we can hear the static of our radio back on the beach. We climb out of the sea and melt into the sand to warm up again before heading back into town. A few of us are on bikes, others skating behind us and holding onto our seats. We ride down the boardwalk, deserted while all the kids are in school and parents at work. Wildflowers poking through the cracks in the ground. We pick them as we ride by and tuck them behind each others ears. Our minds are too foggy to talk much, so we just ride along the water for a while. Our friends call my cell and now we’re heading to a bonfire on the other side of town. White sheets cover the ground, friends and strangers alike pick up instruments and jam until evening. One by one people climb into cars and head home, now its just us. The kids of summer. We set down the uke and guitar, slide off our one piece swimsuits and run into the water. Dusk has rolled around again, but on nights like these the wind stays warm all through the late hours. We’re all laughing and swimming under the swell. Moonlight dancing on our gleaming skin. Only when the water feels too brisk do we climb back into the white sheets, put out the fire, and close our eyes until dawn breaks again and we too head home.














  1. Celia says

    This is so beautifully written. Wish I had experiencies like this!

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