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Crystal Clear Vision

I’ve got a million thoughts running through my mind. Feelings, colors, images. I’ve got revolutionary ideas that they always told me were out of this world, I just never knew that was exactly what they needed to be. I have things I need to tell the people I love, and reminders to myself. I’ve got hazy ideas, but they’ll soon be crystal clear visions.

How to: make a ‘mood board’ // ‘vision board’

-Pick an idea or concept thats been on your mind

Flip through your journal, tumblr, photos, phone notes, Instagram captions. What have you been thinking about? What have you been feeling inspired by?

(i.e. self love//self acceptance)

– Pull photos

I pull from tumblr, my photo library or magazines. I tend to keep my eyes out for colors, textures, or an overall vibe.

(here are my photos I pulled)


-Layout all the photos on Photoshop and adjust so you like the format

(here are my photos all laid out)


-Add details like paint swatches

This is a good time to keep colors in mind! It can help tie it all together.


-Print it out and hang it up as a note to self and constant inspiration!

We hope you messy babes stay motivated and constantly push the creative/intellectual boundaries. Don’t settle for something that has already been done or created, you have the power to be go beyond the limits others have set. Create a life where you find that inspiration in all you do, see, and surround yourself with!

Don’t forget to tag us in your vision boards on Instagram @TheMessyHeads.




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  2. Laur says

    Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative for Photoshop? I’m not up for paying for it! Xo


  3. Maddi says

    haha wow, I only started brainstorming ideas for vision boards last night… trippy for you girls to put up a post the day after 🙂


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