Compassion and Love

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Dear World,

It’s 2016.

People are scared to go to school and work. People are scared to love who they love.

This is not how it should be. Time has passed but times have not changed. Violence is a pattern that keeps repeating itself.

The ego tells us that we are above someone else. That our life or morals are more valuable. Imagine for a second that we all lived our lives leading with compassion before judgement or hate. If each of us ate with compassion, listened with compassion, reflected with compassion rather than simply acting based on an egocentric way of being.

I’m asking each of you to take it into your hands to do all you can to create a future where fear is not the first thing on ones mind when they walk out the door.

Remember that each of you can have an impact. Some say that one persons actions are too small, but in reality the absence of one persons acts of kindness is far too big a risk.

The improvement of our future comes from within. It comes from love, from acceptance, from respect, and appreciation. It comes from everyone realizing that they are a domino. One action, of love or hate, can impact an entire chain of events.

Here are 12 ways you can practice compassion in your daily life:


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  2. Jocelynn says

    I try to love everyone . When I am at school I smile and laugh with everyone. I am everyones bestfriend and i am so happy with that . It really makes me feel more alive and gratful to have so many amzimg people on the planet !! Although i live with a dad whos sorta racsit and wont change his mind no matter how hard u try to make him change it . I have to sometimes tell myself just because I am my fathers child dosent me i have to be just like him . I can learn and hear his words, let them sink in and make my own smart and rational desisions

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