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June Messy Art Gallery


Glasses of champagne are being poured over ruby red raspberries. Chatter all about the room, an eclectic combination of styles, no one fits in, everyone stands out. Clicking the button on a film camera while heels clack by. Imagine yourself here, wandering around a loft with paintings and photos all along the walls, even the people here are art. Welcome to the ‘Messy Gallery’.




It’s late now. Friends are cramming into yellow taxis as they line the street. Faux feather scarves, vintage red boots, peach colored hair, and glitter on their cheeks, they leave one by one. All thats left from the night are polaroid photos scattered on the ground and mauve kisses on napkins.

Until the next ‘Messy Gallery’.

To be featured in next months Messy Gallery, send your artwork to with the subject as “messy gallery”

For now, tag us in your artwork @TheMessyHeads on Instagram + Twitter!


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  1. Oh how I hope all the messy heads will meet up for a messy art gallery in the future… Would love to experience the atmosphere


  2. Anonymous says

    should definitely post/allow some more submissions! a bit of everything to keep it nice & interesting, love it xx


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