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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

Half of my June was spent in the car, driving from LA to Seattle and then back again. This meant plenty of pit stops, diners, picnics, and lots of scarves fluttering in the breeze outside of my window. I picked up a few used books on the road (most of which I still have to read) and have been keeping up with the news now more than ever. Finish all that off with a vibey playlist and the first month of summer is gone in the blink of an eye.


Belladonna of Sadness– I went to our local little theater around the corner of a friends house on night after a round of chips and guac, with no expectations as to what I was going to see. Before the screening, a staff member and obvious film fanatic came to the front of the room and gave us a brief history lesson regarding the film that we were about to see. Every frame is hand painted with watercolor, digitally restored, and created to reflect the political unrest with powerful women being labeled as witches. To top all of that off, it was made in 1973 so there is a series where the graphics are reminiscent of an acid test party with Kesey. It is like watching moving, emotional art, that is really raw in it’s sexuality. A brief disclaimer- Belladonna is repeatedly raped in the first half of the movie so if that is trigging for you skip the first 30 minutes.

Fuel– If you are as confused with what the heck the oil industry is as I am, watch this documentary! It explains how political unrest and wars erupt over oil reserves, and also details alternate energy sources.

Messy effect teasers– Cartia crafted brief, one minute videos of our experience on the Messy Effect road trip, with 4 up on her channel so far. Stay tuned for the longer version!

Stella Rae– Have to shout out my girl Stella for her video content lately. She is one of the only Youtubers I regularly watch because her conversations are so candid and honest and she regularly uploads. Check out her “I’m a Hypocrite” video!

I, Origins– This film not only has beautiful cinematography and moments that will forever be etched in my mind, but an intriguing concept as well. It hones in on a molecular bioligst obsessed with eyes and is working to find an origin species without any genes for sight. He has a battle of spirituality and science, and sees that there is maybe more to life than what we can prove.


Newspapers- When I was traveling up the coast, I grabbed a newspaper at every city I visited. You find the local ones laying around in corners of coffee shops or on the front stoop of a store that’s about to open. Keep your eye out for periodicals in corners, pick them up, and read them through. You will find fun events in your area, local and national news, and sometimes a comedic spin on what’s going on in the media-(cough cough, Portland Mercury)

The Skimm– This handy app updates you every morning on worldwide news, politics, major events, and what you should know. Haley reads them off to me at breakfast every morning. You just get one email, summarized and straightforward packed with insight and information.

Used Books– Pop into a used book store or even a thrift store to find coffee stained and dog eared treasures. I always jump to the metaphysical section, tracing spines of Past Life, Alien, Philosophy, Aura, Tarot, and more books. I love finding these type of books used because I feel that there is more of an air of mystery to them. And if they are total shit, at least you only spent $3 on it!  + Used book shopping helps save the environment.

Many Lives Many Masters– One of the books I picked up used on our road trip and read all the way through. I am so fascinated with past lives + psychology so this was a quick and thought provoking read.

Messy Issue #1– If you haven’t got your copy yet, pick it up! We are almost out in the store and I am unsure when I will be able to do a reprint. If you have already read it and want to know what’s going on for issue 2.. click here.


Messy Summer Camp Tee– The summer ringer tee is available! I have been loving the cream color and wearing it with denim and vans.

Thin Velvet Scarf– Haley found this thin velvet scrap that I think was at one point a belt, but I loved wearing it on the road trip everyday as a simple and dramatic accessory. Free People has a few skinny scarves that would fit the look, but you can also head to your vintage store and scour the belts or scraps sections to find something unique!

Huge Vintage Tees– I found an XL tie dye Jimi tee on the road and just about died. It doubles as a t-shirt dress and sleep attire.

Ponytail Scarves– You know those wispy, sheer fabric scarves that are all stuffed in a bin labeled “$3” in every thrift store? Tackle it, find some awesome colorful patterns, and substitute for a hair tie.

Fun Sunnies– Heart shaped, purple frames, diamond encrusted, alien shaped, whatever wacky frame you are drawn to, do it! So fun for beach days, festivals, or sometimes I put on the lavender circle glasses at home just to paint. It reminds you to take yourslef a little less seriously and just have fun.

Caps– I try to limit my sunscreen because of environmental and health reasons, but I still gotta protect my skin from the sun’s harsh rays! Whenever I’m out running, hiking, at the beach, or in an area I know I will be outside for a bit, I pop on a baseball hat. Currently using Haley’s plain black one but also looking to make some custom Messy Heads caps.. what do you think?


Outside– Take your meals outside and enjoy the fresh air! Pack up in tupperware and head to a park, to the beach, to your favorite hill. Or head to the grocery store and pick out a picnic- hummus, fruit, baguette, dark chocolate, salads from the deli. Get creative! & Be conscious of plastic packaging- try not to order to go, grab paper bags or bring your own, buy your own reusable water bottles, and check for the recycle at the bottom of containers. Enjoy the outdoors and don’t contribute to the piles of plastic plaguing the earth!

Diners– Road tripping had us stopping by some typical road side diners- and yes there are vegan options! We found veggie burgers, sweet potato fries, fresh squeezed orange juice, veggie scrambles (ask to sub egg for hashbrowns or potatoes!), & toast with homemade jam. Bonus- there are some amazing vegan diners along the way as well. St. Francis in San Francisco, Doomie’s in Los Angeles, & Vita Cafe in Portland.

Strawberries– So fresh, juicy, and simple. Just loving strawberry mono meals right now.

Peaches– Same as above. Starting to get into that season where fruit tastes like absolute heaven.

Thai Food– In case you are new to the blog- I LUV THAI FOOD!!!! And it is SO easy to eat vegan. Most curries and noodle dishes have veggie or tofu options. It’s as simple as asking for no egg in your pad thai, and you are good to go.

Not Coffee– After road tripping and having a cups of coffee being constantly swapped in and out of my hands, it was time to detox. I did a full 7 day coffee detox, which was headache inducing, tiring, and I’m embarrassed to admit unbearable at times. Today was a full week without coffee- and when I went to celebrate with an latte from my favorite cafe down the street, 1/4 of the way in I was so over it. I spent my morning with jitters, anxiety, and an overall pit in my stomach feeling. Even as I type this I can’t help but tap my foot. Going to see how long I can go without coffee now!


Arcade– Pop into a dingy arcade with a friend and some quarters. Hit Ms. Pacman, Ski Ball, the Jurassic Park enclosed cart, and toss as many baskets as you can. It’s fun to get lost in old pinball games and get excited as tickets chug out of the machine.

Oregon Coast– On our way back from Seattle, we took the long coastal route. Driving by small coffee carts, beautiful beaches, and winding stretches of green. Places we checked out along the way: Columbian Cafe in Astoria, Cannon Beach, Short Sands, Punchbowl falls, Newport, Lincoln, and a bunch of other random hikes and small strip towns. If you have a weekend to spare, consider driving the Oregon coast!

Tide Pooling– One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to poke sea anemones and watch their tentacles curl up. When the day isn’t sunny enough to spend it on the sand, find a rocky beach and put on some close toed shoes and peek around at starfish, anemones, sea urchins, crabs, and whatever else you find in crevices.

Bed & Breakfasts– Plan a trip with girlfriends over the weekend as a staycation or just a train ride away. Check out Airbnb for some cheap & fun places to stay, or search Bed & Breakfast on Yelp for a quiant & cool experience.

Boy Watching– Queue music to watch boys to by Lana Del Rey. No but seriously, I am loving just watching skaters and surfers to their thing. It’s calming and makes me appreciate humanity and how we experience each other and express ourselves through different mediums.


Like a Rolling Stone-Bob Dylan

Wait a Minute!-Willow Smith

Nico (Album)-Velvet Underground

Wavey- Allen Kingdom

Wasting Time-Kids These Days

Let Me Down Easy-Max Frost

I Me Mine- The Beatles

Closer to Fine-Indigo Girls

Another Brick in the Wall-Pink Floyd

Love on the Brain-Rihanna

Devil Like Me- Rainbow Kitten Surprise


*Most of these tracks have been reblogged to our Soundcloud


  1. Anonymous says

    i really want to get the messy heads issue but i’m waiting for payday!

  2. Andrea says

    I took a trip up the oregon coast a few years ago and loved it! There’s a fish and chips place in Astoria that’s to die for. A messy heads hat would be awesome!!

  3. Anonymous says

    THIS PLAYLIST! I’m having a lovely summer & im glad to hear you are too!💕

  4. Anonymous says

    Wait a Minute! has been my jam for the past month, such a tune.

  5. Anonymous says

    Do you think you could do a blog post on how you can be saving money for travel or next big move but still being able to enjoy life in the moment on a budget?

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