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Written by Cybelle & Emma

Photos in little squares are not just a way to show people your food and face anymore. Personality and character comes though, it can be self expression and display of talent, records of memories and a public diary. We live in a time where people turn social media into careers or use it for change. As with any interaction in our lives, we can use our time to convey any message we choose. Here are some people from Instagram that are taking a different and intriguing approach. Something about each of these people caught our eye, take a look!

MERMary is an artist. It seems as though through her eyes, everything in her life is art. Her paintings, her body, her surroundings. Sometimes she’s got violet hair, she’s takin a liking for a little drawing on her cheek in exchange for a face of makeup. She promotes self love rather than companies and is recently vegan!


It’s rare that someone lets the world into the everyday moments of their life purely as they are. And lots of accounts leave people wishing they were different, but her comfort in her body makes me happy with who I am too.

UntitledREAL 676

This page is everything I wish all of social media was. True moments. Each photo is taken with a disposable camera, proving that you don’t need any fancy equipment to capture a beautiful moment. 


Aisling captures images that perfectly represent how I feel in the heat of summer. Dawn or dusk, the peachy tones and icy blues, everything she captures is soft and rustic at the same time.


This is one talented girl! She takes old photos, worn from dust and time, and turns them into new pieces of art. Check her out for collage inspo. 


It’s hard to look at this page and not feel nostalgic. Every image has colors or people or places that make me feel, these photographs don’t feel empty like lots of others I see. They appear to be memories full of life, set to rest in a photo album. He also works with his photos and overlays art, creating a loving sentimental feel with each post. 


Colors, textures, and film grain. This is visual stimulation heaven and the peachy-orange hues make my heart melt. She is able to convey a style so seamlessly, it’s a talent you only come across once in awhile.


A mother daughter duo breaking down the walls of societal expectations that make people feel the need to hide. They love learning about the real YOU through video interviews that get down to the root of who someone is, finding beauty and acceptance in everything.


Tati is a genius artist. All of her pieces are stick-n-poke. She plays with celestial motifs and feminine features. TN

One of very few accounts where the human form is shown without being sexualized or objectified. There’s a collection of submitted photos of unconventional forms of beauty. Very, very empowering.


We hope you find inspiration and motivation from these accounts to push the limit on what people expect, and instead show them who you really are! It’s way more fun. 

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  1. TJ says

    These girls all seem super awesome. but why aren’t there any of color? You seem to stand for black lives matter but still perpetuate the idea of white beauty standards 🙁

    • Have you looked at the accounts? Many of them feature women of colour on their pages, just check out @thenakediaries

  2. Sarah says

    One account i love too is @paoloraeli. It gives that vibe of nostalgy. He’s amazing and he lives in Rome which is a city i find really beautifull. Definitely worths time to check him out. 🙂

  3. it seems like patrick_walks account is invalid. do you guys know where he moved his account to? his pictures look amazing

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