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How do you view yourself?

Do you spend hours in front of a mirror, only focusing on the surface of who you are? Or do you spend your days on a yoga mat with a journal working on who you are on the inside?

Our bodies are vessels, they let us dance and talk and challenge what we’ve always been told.


The thing about body image is that it’s not 100% in our own hands. Over the years, we’re fed information and bullshit ads that convince us that we’re never good enough. No matter where we turn there are billboards and magazine covers that set impossible standards. The aim is for businesses to get us to believe that their products will enable us to reach an unattainable type of “beauty”.

It’s hard to rebel against what everyone tells us to do, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Our idea of our bodies is built on false ideals and information. We’re told how to think about our bodies, how to react to others complimenting our bodies, etc. It’s become more normalized for people to call someone out for their nipples showing through their shirt or choosing not to shave their armpits than for someone to feel empowered to be exactly who they want to.

5 ways to treat your body like the temple it is:

-Invest in natural skincare

-Eat whole foods

-Wear clothes that you feel good and confident in rather than just ones that are trendy or “slimming”

-Write down 5 things you love about yourself every day  **preferably INTERNAL things, like how kind or compassionate you are!

-Don’t say anything negative about the body of anyone else, or yourself


This is a reminder to you. The way your body is, raw and real is how it should be respected and loved. Do your best to block out all of the clutter in the world trying to persuade you to feel unhappy with your body. Spend time otherwise spent wishing you looked different, trying to think differently. Work on altering your mindset. Your ability to love your body has nothing to do with what it looks like but rather how open and accepting your mind is.


Here’s my mantra for body positivity:

“You are loved, you are valued. Treat your body and mind with care. You deserve warmth and light. Please remember that even when you’re feeling down, don’t disrespect your body, it’s the most permanent home you’ll ever have. Eat good food, get good sleep, surround yourself with good people, think good thoughts, be good to yourself. Repeat.”

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  2. Seriously so important. It’s definitely a mindset that’s important to work towards. Everyone deserves to be content, even pleased, with themselves.

  3. Anna says

    This kind of head space is a lot more powerful than you think. This is something I practice on the daily, and it has helped me out of some very dark times. On the other hand I was just in Milwaukee spending time with an old friend and all she did was talk about her body. This was a drastic shift in views and I not only saw how far I had come from that point, but I realised after hearing it for a week I had started thinking it too. I have reached a peaceful state of mind being away from that and loving myself. Manifest your positivity and you will feel confident.

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