July Poetry Slam

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This is second Messy Poetry Slam! We’ll be posting one every month. All the poems are submitted by you guys and if you want to be a part of the next one send your poetry to ‘messysubmissions@gmail.com’. 

Make yourself something to eat and put on a record to set the scene. Picture yourself sitting on a little white stool in a garden in the back of a rustic cafe. Vines are creeping up the back of the building and the sun is glistening on the glass of your cup. Drinks being poured and all you hear is quiet conversation and the crinkling of paper as people reach into their bags to grab their piece of writing. There are a few people leaned against the walls with film cameras in hand snapping shots of couples with thick sunglasses and worn out jeans, groups of friends practicing their poems, and groups sitting sipping drinks and flipping through books. 


By: Nora Marie
I feel powerless,
I imagine staring at the
wide open sea.
Looking at the horizon
and trying to feel at peace
with the life I am living today.
My body is telling me to life in the present,
not worrying for a future moment.
Thats why I am writing,
not only connect with my inner, most deepest
But to fully understand whats right in front of me.
True Love

By: Alexandra 

my heart races

with every pounding wave my heart beats faster

the swell is here

a voice inside my head tells me no

my heart tells me to go

like an impulsive teenager I don’t listen to my conscious

I paddle

duck diving with eyes wide open

a vision of turquoise heaven

the waves caress over me

my heart races

I see it

a small bump in the horizon growing as it gets closer

that’s the one

I paddle

powerful strokes

I stand

sliding across the glassy ocean surface

moving down the line

eyes on the prize

my heart races

this is what true love feels like

We Fell
By: Adele

In love we fell,

Amongst pages

And cobbled streets,

Mindless hours

And forgotten youth

In love we fell,

Fluorescent, adolescent,

Finding new dawn

In the space of seconds

That felt like hours

(An excerpt from) Children of the Universe
By: Jessi
Do you remember when we ate summer like watermelon until it turned our cheeks pink? The ocean tangled its fingers through our hair and the sun painted our shoulders with brushstrokes of honey. At the end of the day, our skin smelled thick, like salt and sweat and home.
My Body
By: Mackenzie

the splendor of my body is a vast canyon of great emptiness and cavernous depth,

but my pale and thin hands have the supple agility to sew the gaping wounds in my fragile frame together,

and the mouth with which i kiss deadened wrists is a mouth lined with stardust from the galaxy’s edge,

and i’ve been called many things in my life, not all unkind, but never has any compliment been so heartfelt as when i looked at myself in the mirror

and told myself i have stars in my eyes and planets in my thoughts and the flames of a thousand comets licking at my skin,

and i am slim but i am strong,

and my mind is a galactic oasis,

and you may have fallen out of love with me,

but you pushed me into the milky way and now my

body has become stars,

and i love myself more than you ever did.

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  1. Rosa Kent says

    hey emma, I was just trying to find your post about the 2nd messy head issue, but accidentally stumbled upon this. I don’t know how to report them, but perhaps they are just a fan? however its frustrating to see you guys at the messy heads put in so much effort and originality/creativity to see straight plagiarism. They did sort of site the blog in the “about” blurb but its…just a shame to see and annoys me that I give them the acknowledgement

    how do you deal with ‘copy cats’? I know ignorance is always bliss, but maybe you could even write a blog post? somehow without awarding them with any satisfaction…. I despise these bad vibes


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  2. I love all of them, but the last one is my favourite! I really like these poetry slams, it’s amazing how you make your readers a part of the messy heads.

  3. Lea says

    Love this so much! The first one was the one I could feel the most too, it cave me chills! Keep on doing this

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