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I wake up and splash water on my face. Pour a cup of coffee into the biggest mug I can find. Last night I dreamt that I stepped onto a plane, rosé poured into my glass. I glanced out of the window, my mind lost in the cotton candy clouds. 12 hours later I climbed out of the doors in Paris.

Another night I dream of Rome, or Mallorca, Bali or Australia. But it’s just a dream…


How to find adventure, right where you are.

A. If you wish you were wandering a European city

1) Dress the part. Just because you aren’t where your heart desires doesn’t mean you can’t act like you are! Dab on a peachy lipstick, throw your hair up, slide into a slip dress, and hop into some mules.

2) Head to your local cafe. Journal and pens under your arm. Don’t forget to stop at a used book store to flip through old magazines and art books on your way.

3) Write poetry, letters, and short stories. Let your mind run wild. Embrace the coffee stains and don’t forget to finish your pages off with a kiss.

4) Put on an old record once you get home. Dance around, preferably in vintage silk pjs or a lace set.

B. If you wish you were by the sea

1) Make yourself a fruity drink and cut open a watermelon.

2) Turn on some beachy music.

i.e Bahamas, Beach Boys, or Coconut Records

Set the scene with some tunes and your imagination will do the rest.

3) If you live by the beach, hop in the car with your friends! If you can’t drive, look up a bus that may take you there. Adventure is closer than you think.

4) If it’s summer, slather on the coconut oil and lay out in the sun, the sherbert sky always clears my mind.

And honey… don’t forget that wherever you are, you can find beauty and adventure. Just keep your mind open and leave expectations behind. Manifest what you dream of and you’ll find your reality being exactly what you need it to be.

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  1. great post, as always! the collages look so good. ive been daydreaming about paris for sooo long and this year my dream of going there will finally come true! im leaving in 8 days 🙂 /KM

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