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July Playlist

Here’s the soundtrack for our lives this July.

Perfect for late nights or waking up slow.

Driving down the highway or through beach town streets.

Wearing last nights jeans or this mornings baggy t-shirt.

Through your headphones at a cafe or blasting out loud in the car.


Let July be a month of growth, a month of love, a month of change…


Fill your soul with love.

Fill your soul with warmth.

Fill your soul with power.


Whats your favorite song? And what are you passionate about? Tell us on Twitter @TheMessyHeads.




  1. Johanna says

    the collages you guys make for the playlists are so beautiful, can you turn them into phone wallpapers if possible? thank you for reading this (if you did) have an amazing day Emma


  2. Nadira says

    Hey! just a suggestion, why don’t you guys include a media player in posts like these? spotify,soundcloud etc. It’ll be easier for us to listen to the songs and instantly get the mood and vibes of these kinds of posts ^-^

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