Messy Art Gallery #2



Drinks are being poured. Mellow music floating in the air. Everybody clinks glasses as they wander the room and get lost in the colors and shapes. Imagine yourself here, in a little gallery below an apartment building. Paintings and photos all along the walls. Everyone, and everything here, is art.

Welcome to the ‘Messy Gallery’.





Time isn’t on your mind, the sun has long set and a tangerine sunrise is peaking through the windows. Friends and strangers alike are cramming into cars and driving down the empty streets. Thick velvet chokers, deep red lips, strawberry blonde hair, and jet black boots, they leave one by one. All that’s left from the night are photos from the photo booth and empty bottles of rosé.

Until the next ‘Messy Gallery’.

To be featured in next months Messy Gallery, send your artwork to with the subject as “messy gallery”

For now, tag us in your artwork @TheMessyHeads on Instagram + Twitter!



  1. Anonymous says

    So beautiful!
    Do you know when the next magazine is coming out? Like what month?

  2. Amalia says

    I love these! What a great selection 🙂

    Is there any way you could link their blogs/places where they post their art in future? It would be cool for people who want to discover more of their art.

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