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By: Christie Tyler @NYCBAMBI

There’s something rewarding and slightly magical about the response “Oh, its actually vintage!” when a friend asks where you got that beautiful floral dress you’re wearing. Especially since you can vividly recall the hour and a half you spent digging for it. Others around you trying on sunnies or shimmying into skirts and a dusty record humming in the corner.

I live in New York City, where a vintage shop can be found every 2 blocks, I understand the torturous yet exhilarating effect thrifting has on an individual who wants to build a unique wardrobe. That’s why I’ve thought up some tips and tricks for when you decide to take the plunge and go vintage shopping.

1. Go with a pal. Seriously, it will make the experience so much better.  They can dig with you, recommend things that they know are your style, and will be that backbone if you’redeciding on whether to spend $50 on a “one of a kind” Guns & Roses t-shirt.

2. Dedicate a day to it. That means keeping hydrated (I know how crazy that sounds), staying comfortable (outfit-wise…definitely don’t wear heels to go digging through boxes and racks), and staying full (nothing is worse than when you’re tummy is rumbling and you’ve just found the secret downstairs of an amazing vintage shop.)

3. Have fun with it! Even if you don’t find anything, it’s still so fun taking pictures and finding inspiration. Think about the past that these clothes hold and how cool it is that instead of throwing things out and adding to waste, we can put a new life to clothes! That, to me, is so comforting. ec6b2d0b-577a-4d72-b21a-434417017a90

4. Make a list. Do your research! Obviously some thrift shops are better than others, so see what others review and comment. If you’re in the NYC area, places I’d recommend include: L Train Vintage, AUH20, Search & Destroy (if you’re into extremely edgy, unique pieces).FullSizeRender 3

5. Be prepared to dig and search. Obviously, shopping vintage is way different than going to your favorite store to browse. You’re going to ruffle through racks, brush off dust, and go down some janky flights of stairs before you can find that perfect piece you’re looking for. Just stay focused and let it add to the fun!


After following these little tips I kept in my head, I ended up finding an amazing linen dress that fits flawlessly into my casual summer wardrobe.

I hope that this list can help you with your next vintage shopping experience…and get ready to perfect your ‘Oh, it’s actually vintage’ reply.

Don’t forget to peep if you’re looking for some spunky pieces.



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  1. Jacqui Poirier says

    Thanks for this list! I love it! I am considering changing my wardrobe to 90s girly grunge so this defintley helps alot!

  2. I’m hopefully heading to New York in the Autumn, so will definitely make note of your recommendations, thanks 😀

  3. that’s a great post!!! I also uploaded a thrift shopping post on my blog about aweek ago. I jsut love it. Thanks for sharing xx

  4. I wish I had more vintage shops in my area! This makes me excited for when I go to NYC one day I’ll definitely have to spend a day vintage shopping.

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