Coconut Oil Uses

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Coconut oil, the gem thats hiding on all of our shelves.

In my bathroom next to some crystals and soap you’ll find a tub of coconut oil. Theres one in my kitchen too. It’s been a staple in my life for beauty, cooking, and health for a few years. When I’m feeling groggy i’ll splash cool water on my face and massage some under my eyes. If my hair’s all dried out i’ll use it like leave in conditioner. When i’m making lunch I cook with it too. Keep reading for details on how I use coconut oil!

P.S it costs as little as $5

Here are 5 ways that you can use coconut oil:

Tea for Tw0IMG_4128

Early morning waking up with the sun, late night after a long day. Pouring yourself a cup of coffee to wake you up or a glass of mint tea before bed. Dunk a spoon full of coconut oil into your drink instead of milk and sugar.

Dinner TimeIMG_4142

Maybe you’re in an apartment abroad, glass of wine in hand making pasta and veggies. Or you’re at home painting with friends and making tacos for dinner. Switch out the olive oil in your recipe and try coconut oil instead. Just let it melt in the pan and keep cookin’.

Glossy Lids


Toss aside eyeshadow and sticky lip gloss. Wake up late and make some coffee, swipe coconut oil on your eyelids or lips for the natural glossy look. You can mix it with a mauvey blush too and you’re ready to fly out the door!

Swish It

FullSizeRender 2 copy

Pop a teaspoon in your mouth and swish it around like mouthwash. It whitens your teeth and pulls out toxins. If you want an even brighter smile mix baking soda with coconut oil and brush it right onto your teeth.

Baby Soft


Mix a few scoops of coconut oil with your favorite essential oil and use it as a moisturizer, leaves you feeling peachy soft and smelling like a coconut.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I love coconut oil, literally a life saver!!

  2. Mariana says

    love this post!
    also, mix coconut oil with raw sugar. it makes an amazing body scrub

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