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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

From LA to Seattle to NYC, I have been on various planes and in various vegan diners. July was an all over there month- the type of month where you look back and aren’t exactly sure what happened. There was lots of white noise, in between time where I didn’t really have stability and substituted my daily routine for watching Youtube and eating bagels.


Grey Gardens- This film is equal parts dingy and lavish. It centers in on two older relatives of Jackie Kennedy Onassis living in a large estate that is overrun by their hoarding tendencies and neglect. I think I had to first watch this film in a high school photo class, but recently rewatched to note the documentary style. The way these women bicker, the stacks and stacks of stuff, the sheer absurdity of it all- it makes you feel uneasy and inspired by the end.


American Horror Story-We had a few rainy days here in NYC and ordered in thai food. After debating between watching horrible 80s horror or the Purge, we ended up in season 3 of AHS, personally my favorite season.

Casey Neistat-Now on to some of my favorite Youtubers of the month. This one has to be said first, Casey is an amazing film maker and if you aren’t subscribed to him get subscribed. His videos are so entertaining even if all he does that day is work at his office, he films life in a way that makes every day an adventure.

The Milk Club– Just got done binging her videos. I especially love her style videos, centered around the 60s, 90s, early 2000s, + more. She films interesting outfits and is really knowledgable on trends during that era. Up your fashion vocabulary to find out what you like most in your wardrobe- it’s not always what is currently trending.

Simply Kenna-I love how creative Kenna’s videos are. She makes me want to find my aesthetic and stick to it. I always learn a little something about the world, her, or myself, when I reach the end of her videos.


Bukowski-Haley has a few copies of Bukowski lying around her apartment and before I left LA I picked up Ham & Rye. His writing style is quite frankly disgusting. I tore through that whole book in two days because I had never read anything like it. Coming of age of a boy during the great depression told in the most vulgar way. Couldn’t put it down, and currently reading Hollywood. 

Room Full of Mirrors-What I love about this Biography of Jimi Hendrix is the way that it is written. It is extremely humanizing, detailed, and full of symbolism.

Anything by Osho– You can’t go wrong with Osho. He is the best philosopher for the modern world. Pick up any of his books and by the first chapter you will have a new perspective on life.

Between the World & Me-In the wake of the boom of #BlackLivesMatter across social media, it’s important to understand why we need to focus on Black lives. t

Messy Issue #1– If you haven’t got your copy yet, pick it up! We are currently reprinting the first issue and it may not be reprinted! Issue 2 is dropping in August.


SeektheTruth– Current events, challenging questions, diving deeper into life & life’s purpose. I could scroll through this account for days.

NYCBambi– Christie’s feed reminds me of perfect autumn days sipping lattes and listening to records. There is something so nostalgic and warm about her photos. She makes me want to live a little more and appreciate the details.

Mystic Mamma– Everything astrology. The energies that the moon brings and how to approach different life events. Her captions are long and detailed, mainly about the moon and it’s cycles. Women are connected to the moon in all phases, and even if you don’t follow astrology, her captions give me a new perspective on my self and a moment to reflect.

Vegan Side Kick– If you are vegan- you will find this page hilarious. If you aren’t you might find it offensive, or see some of the logic to it. I always tag my friends in these crudely drawn comics that feel too relatable.

Ciaffy– One of my best friends in NYC! Go follow her & check out this style post & interview we did together, she is the July muse of the month!


Colored Eyeshadow– The brighter the better. Try lemon yellow, icy blue, magenta, fiery orange, or deep red. The trick is using it minimally, don’t extend the color beyond your eyelid and forgo blush, bronze, or a bold lip color to keep it light and fresh.

Using Blush & Bronzer– I have one palette from Urban Decay called the Naked Flush which has been my summer staple. Use the bronze as eyeshadow in your crease, use the blush as your only eye shadow, use the highlight portion to highlight brow bones and inner corners. I like how natural and fresh it looks.

Dresses as Skirts-Caro ordered a fruit patterned dress from Etsy that fit poorly in the arms, so she chopped it at the waist to turn it into a skirt. It has no shape to it, but you add that with a belt or by pinning it.

Overalls– So easy to throw on in the summer with a sports bra or cami. It has been so hot in New York that the less I wear the better. Find regular overalls at a thrift store and then chop them around mid thigh, and roll them up one or two times.

Baby Tee– Always a favorite of mine. The 90s crop style goes so well with high waisted skirts, overalls, cut off denim, or with sweats around the house.

Stay Messy Shirt in Orange– A lot of my friends grabbed the pink of the new Stay Messy series but I really dig the burnt orange. So cool with corduroys and wire rimmed glasses. You are going to see me wearing this shirt a lot in August.

Sk8-His-Vans has so many cool vintage esque sk8-his in right now. Mustard, off white, plain black. Now that I am walking everywhere these are a must have.

Off the Shoulder Shirt– So simple and sweet and pretty much everyone is carrying them right now. Pair with a choker, neck scarf, or some dangly jewelry.


Champs-Let’s get this one out of the way. If you follow me on Instagram, my past three posts have been about Champs. I used to daydream about a fully vegan diner, with pancakes, omelettes, milkshakes, sundaes, and mouthwatering burgers. And I have found it. It’s almost too good to be true. If you are EVER in New York- you have to go. Please tag me in your photos.

Tompkins Bagels-This place is now significant to me because directly after signing my lease I went here to get my first official New York Bagel. I planned on getting just an everything bagel with hummus- but they have a few tofu cream cheeses + specialty bagels with grilled squash, tomatoes, sautéed spinach + more.

Superiority Burger– I think this place was rated best Burger in the US by GQ. They are mini white castle style burgers. The menu is super simple- two vegan burger options, three side options, and a homemade gelato that day. So nice to get your food and then go sit in Tompkins square park.

Pancakes-Now on to items not specific to New York. I’ve been obsessed with pancakes for a minute now. New favorite combo is cinnamon banana pancakes with almond butter and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Matcha– Until really recently I thought they were pronounced Mak-tah. Haley graciously corrected me, but I still mess up when I order. Grab an iced matcha latte with almond milk and one packet of sugar. Refreshing coffee alternative and It tastes so good.

Smoothies-I have been staying with Ciaffy, the smoothie queen. She used to work at a smoothie place and knows how to make a combination of frozen grapes, kale, granola, and strawberries taste like straight up birthday cake. I never thought to blend granola + grapes into a smoothie? It’s good though, trust me.


Coffee scrub from lush-The humidity has been clogging up my pores so a scrub is essential. This coffee one gets deep and also has a tingly caffeinated sensation. Smells amazing too, perfect morning pick up while listening to your favorite jams.

Going For Walks-Put in your headphones and set out for a walk. I have some playlists for you on my Spotify. I have been listening mainly to the Subway station + Berets & Cigarettes. Setting the city to a soundtrack puts you in a dreamy state of mind, focusing on the details. How light reflects off window panes,

Getting Involved-Often times I feel like I am not making a difference and the weight of the world is on my shoulders. Ways to combat this is to get involved locally. Join your local Green Peace chapter, find a feminist organization, join the Black Lives Matter movement in your city, volunteer at a homeless shelter. Whatever you are passionate about, do some research and go to weekly meetings. You will learn so much about issues going on in the world and how organization helps to fight injustice.

Interactive Plays-Alexa took Caroline & I to see- er experience a show called the Grand Paradise. It was basically like walking through a dream, performers dancing and acting out scenes in front of you. Occasionally you are swept to the side to talk one on one with the actors or sneak around. We each ended up having completely different experiences because you are free to wander and follow different story lines. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I absolutely loved it.

City Biking-A lot of metropolitan areas have City Bikes now that you can rent, pop out of the locks, ride around, and then pop back in. Or if you have your own bike that’s even better. The theme for this month was just to get out and spend time outside. When I am moving, walking, biking, I feel like I am being so productive and am filled with inspiration.

Glossier Coconut Balm-Must have.

Replica Perfume– I own the Beach Walk scent and my friend has the Lipstick On. These perfumes are based off of eras, environments, and the way a mood feels. Just read the descriptions and there will likely be one that you are most drawn to.

Letting people draw in my journal– Usually I don’t let anyone flip through my journal, but if you are out to coffee with a friend, let them doodle on a blank space beside your writing. It engrains the memory of them and you in this moment.

MapMyRun– I accidentally broke my Garmin watch and Iz recommended this app to me. It logs your milage, your pace, and when you are listening to music it pauses every mile to tell you your average pace, mile split, and overall time. You can also log all of your runs in a database so you can see how you are improving over time. Oh, and it’s free.

Spontaneous I love you texts– You never know what could happen. All of the recent events have made me remind my friends and family of how much I love them. In fact, pick up your phone right now and text three people & tell them what they mean to you.


Boys Don’t Cry- The Cure

She Moves In Her Own Way- The Kooks

Only Living Boy in New York-Simon & Garfunkel

Cecilia-Simon & Garfunkel

Get Lost-The Babies

Haha-The Garden

Caesar-Ty Segall

Boys in the Wood-Black Lips

Tears Dry on Their Own-Amy Winehouse

High All The Time-50 Cent

Hazey-Glass Animals

*Most of these tracks have been reblogged to our Soundcloud




  1. Loved this! Just texted three people & let them know how much I love them & I feel so much better from just that 🙂


  2. Kyla Capp says

    Ahh I’m loving these monthly favorites! It gives me so many ideas and inspirations.

  3. I’m currently reading Tolle’s The Power of Now, so will be sure to move onto Osho next 🙂 Also so excited to try Champs diner and Superiority Burger on my trip, will be hitting up Tompkins Bagels now too as I’m currently craving breakfast and man did that veggie combo sound divine!

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  5. Anonymous says

    New York city has endless possibilities, I admire how adventurous you are. If you ever have the chance.. come explore connecticut

  6. Anonymous says

    the coconut balm that you mentioned contains lanolin and beeswax 🙁

  7. Anonymous says

    Omg i love the sk8 his. I wanted to get them a few months ago but i wanted to know if th white sidestripe was faux leather and after searching for ages i found it and they’re not vegan, which broke my heart. But i don’t know i’ve seen a lot of vegans wearing them. So maybe its like with the waist label on jeans.

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