Diving Deeper: Late 60’s Musicians


diving deeper

-L A T E  6 0 ‘ S  M U S I C I A N S-

Climbing on the bus in San Francisco. Sitting down on the cream and dusty orange seats. Couples draped on each others arms, flowers and groceries sticking out of bags. Toes tapping to pass time. The mauve colored sun moving out from under a cloud. You put on headphones, press play, and soak it in.

Here are some of the greats, and a little look in to why they are… One of the greats.


THE BEST: “You Really Got Me”, “Lola”, and “Sunday Afternoon”

SIGNATURE LOOK/SOUND: Black boots, red jackets. Electric guitar, drums. With their shaggy hair and talk of creative tension being the driving force behind the otherwise fun act of playing music.

WHY THEY’RE UNIQUE: They’re underrated. They had all the makings to explode like the Beatles. It just didn’t happen. They stayed out of the mainstream. Thankfully that means no one ever heard their music one too many times, so it’s still is and always will be a cult favorite for 60’s music lovers.


THE BEST: “Purple Haze”, “Fire”, and “The Wind Cries Mary”

SIGNATURE LOOK/SOUND: Jimi baby! Velvet from head to toe, button up colorful jackets left unbuttoned. we swoon when his smooth-like-butter voice reaches our ears. He’s electric.

WHY HE’S UNIQUE: Jimi isn’t from this planet, it’s not possible. He has the sexiest voice in the world and his songs take you for a trip without being on drugs.


THE BEST: “Believe”, “If I Could Turn Back Time”, and “Heart of Stone”

SIGNATURE LOOK/SOUND: Talk about babe town! 60’s Cher was the original girl crush. Gold makeup and a far off gaze. The girl has spunk, in her style and sound.

WHY SHE’S UNIQUE: She’s bold. Not one to hold back. Glistening top to bottom with sparkles and jewels, and a voice that gives the same impression.

grateful dead

THE BEST: “Truckin”, “Touch of Grey”, and “Sugar Magnolia”

SIGNATURE LOOK/SOUND:Red roses and psychedelic sculls. On long road trips my mom always tells me about her days as a deadhead, following the band around and getting in to trouble. The sound isn’t perfect, but even if it’t not live, it gives off the same feeling.

WHY THEY’RE UNIQUE: The music sounds raw. It changes a bit from show to show and that’s what gives it character.


THE BEST: “Astronomy Domine”, “See Emily Play”, and “The Happiest Days of Our Lives”

SIGNATURE LOOK/SOUND: Philosophical and funky. Started in the underground scene, but the music held something that the world hadn’t see before.

WHY THEY’RE UNIQUE: Their profound lyrics and originality took them to the top.


THE BEST: “Respect”, “Baby I Love You”, and “Chain of Fools”

SIGNATURE LOOK/SOUND: Fluffy jackets, gowns, and bouffant hairdos. Very powerful voice.

WHY SHE’S UNIQUE: She’s known as the queen of soul. She has talent that spread across every female artist to follow her.

I know that these aren’t all of the greats, that would take too long. But we hope you found something interesting or that one of these names reminded you to start listening to their music. Email us if you have an idea for another “Diving Deeper”



  1. Anonymous says

    I love this! I hope you guys do something like this again with more bands and different eras!

  2. jane says

    oooh my godd !!! i love respect by aretha franklin and the pink floyd too.
    i think that this blog is a really good idea. thanks to create it.
    ps: sorry for the french expressions.

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