August Poetry Slam

messy thoughts

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Early mornings and late nights are spent sitting out on the fire escape. It’s hot in the city this time of year and we find comfort outside with the cover of trees. Journals tucked under our arms and novels in our bags, the city fuels creativity. Poems are scrawled on coffee cups and borders of newspapers. Backs of cake boxes and backs of our hands.
Press play on your favorite song and set the scene for this months poetry slam.
It’s a warm afternoon, you found a new spot tucked away behind a thrift store. Old brick and faded cream trim. A neon light up sign that reads “messy poetry slam” is hung in the corner of the window, flickering on and off. You click clack down the steps and push open the door. Theres a purple glow coming from the middle of the room, girls dressed in fluffy jackets and slip dresses making coffee in the back. You keep walking all the way back and the door outside opens up into a little yard. Lights strung from tree to tree and the patio is acting as the stage. Pillows and stools dot the grass, someone is just stepping up to the microphone.

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i am more than just a body,

i am more than my tan thin frame,

i am more than a mouth to kiss,

i am a constellation,

my eyes see deeper than your sweet sugary lies,

i might be beautiful but i am smart,

my mind is not rose colored,

and you might think you got me,

but all you’ve done is opened my starry eyes,

and honey, you’re just another heartless bluff

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The peculiarity of my curiosity pounds on the doorway of my demeanor.

When the sunrises and the sun sets who am I to become?


An overpowering sensation of my wholeness might grow when the daisies blossom through the meadow down the street.

A blanket of love covering a bed of hate.

I’ll look you in the eyes and recognize the tears that you never wept,

And will you do the same for me too?

Perhaps we’ll spend eternity embedded by the smoke, only to be followed by the sunshine.

Clouded in our haze with no recollection of where we are to go.

We are eaten alive by the infinite ambiguity  and our will to journey on our own.

Clarity within my aura soothes.

Like the buzz of a bee or the flow of a river.

Take me away, into nothingness.

And watch me exemplify my beautiful uncertainty.

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harsh light of empty rooms


Open the door and

the scent greets with

Rich, dark earth

Night-blooming flowers


in the dark above

burning like cold jewels

It is so beautiful

at night

After so many days

so many days of relentless heat

The Midnight Flower is cold

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I remember the night i fell in love with you

your body pressed against the sunset

a beautiful sillhuette painting the sky

i looked up at you in awe

lying on a thin patterned sheet 

wondering what is it about you that makes my heart skip a beat

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I want to tell you about the forged closeness

Of two prophets on the horizon of a new rhythm

Their love, their understanding

Dispersed across 93 million miles of Earth

Once a golden supernova, the breath of the cobalt cosmos

Cradled by weathered hands and watery eyes

Now unfolding, swallowed by the heart of the moon

A hamlet of incandescent secrets and prior heartbreaks

Glowing, luminous on half-naked bodies

Like sacred churches burning down

From the heat of yearning amidst confusion

Perpetual disciples yielding silver bows, announced by their cries

As asteroids tumbling down mountains of cheekbones

Circumnavigating the curvature of broken haloes

A manifested desire, evaporating into a core of simmering plasma

See you next month for another Messy Poetry Slam!



  1. I love the poetry slams, such a beautiful and warming read, making me feel alive. Keep them coming.

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