Vegan on a Budget

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I love good vegan food from the cute spot around the corner, fancy drinks and gourmet pizzas. I also know that I can’t afford to spend money on 3 pricey meals per day. Based on vegan instagrammers- you would think that it would be insanely expensive. Add a dollar for every latte because of non dairy milk, asking for substitutes at every turn, and what the heck are chia seeds and cacao nibs and where do I find them?? It would lead you to believe that being vegan is pricey- but its actually the opposite. The cheapest things at the grocery store are vegan! Rice, potatoes, oats, pasta, and beans can be the base for any meal. Vegetables are cheap when in season, hunt around for grocery stores or farmers markets that have the best price. When you compare a meat eaters receipt to a vegans, the vegan is cheaper! Especially when you factor in your health and how much you save on medical bills in the future.

We just got back from the grocery store and fully stocked Emma’s kitchen. I took notes of everything as we filled up the pantry and fridge. Here are the items we came home with- just to give you an idea.
Grab a piece of paper and pen time to jot down anything that catches your eye from our shopping list!

Total spent for about two weeks worth of groceries for two people: $130

groceryIMG_4740 copy

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Now that you got your pantry stocked and fridge filled, check out this blog post about 3 simple vegan bowls that have hundreds of combinations!






  1. Totally agree, it’s actually so much cheaper to be vegan than people think. And with the more expensive things like cacao (if you really want it) it’s really worth buying it in bulk and adds up to a lot less ❤️

  2. Julia says

    I just switched from vegetarian to vegan and I’m having a hard time figuring out where to get protein from. I get shaky sometimes after a day of just eating fruits and veggies and I’m worried I’m not actually getting enough protein from my supplements. what foods do you guys suggest?

    • Anonymous says

      I believe peanut butter and beans have protein in them. 🙂 To make a complete protien- have beans and rice together.

    • legumes! I like lentils, quinoa, black beans and garbanzo beans a lot. soy is full of protein too, so tofu or soymilk or edamame is lovely. although if you’re getting shaky, eating more starches in general will probably help with that – at least, that’s what I realized when I first started transitioning, as I had the same problem. if you’re curious I highly suggest the book The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall, which is basically about how to nourish yourself properly on a vegan diet of fruits, vegetables, and starches. good luck! 🙂

    • Erin DelGrosso says

      I suggest making sure you’re getting enough iron and b-12 because you are probably getting enough protein as it is.

    • Anonymous says

      It may be more that you aren’t getting enough calories. Generally if you are getting the right amount of calories for your body you don’t even need to worry about protein because it is found in just about all plant based foods anyway.

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