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As Emma and I stroll the streets of NYC we stare up at the flower baskets overflowing with pansies and vines. We sit out on the stoop of her apartment in big t-shirts and drink our morning coffee before running for the metro and climbing on the wrong train. We stand side by side with strangers all bobbing their heads to a different beat. People hide behind sunglasses and books. We can’t help turning to each other and babbling on about all the aspects this city that remind us so much of Paris. Cappuccinos and vegan scones, cobblestone streets in Greenwich Village, paint spotted hands, gold jewelry, and the velvety light that falls through the windows at dusk. I’m off to Europe in a few weeks and NYC has been a taste of those far off cities.

So here are some mood boards full of warm colors and silky textures. Plus a playlist tucked right in the middle made up of mellow music and foreign tunes.

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I hope you’re inspired to grab your paints & brushes, open the window, pick up flowers from a bodega around the corner, and let your creativity flow late into the night.



  1. Anonymous says

    Hi! I love all your mood boards and was wondering if there is anywhere I could download the photos individually??

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