August Messy Art Gallery


It’s late summer. The sun is setting earlier. Pink clouds and a hazy sky. Everyone is in the big studio apartment. The the orange light seeping through the open windows and hitting their cheekbones as they wander. Imagine yourself here, in a little makeshift art gallery above a cafe. Paintings and photos all along the walls. Everyone, and everything here, is art.

FullSizeRender 2



Time has flown by, the sun has long set and the sequin like stars poke out behind the remaining periwinkle clouds. Old and new friends alike head off in taxis and on bikes. Brightly colored jackets hung from their shoulders and velvet boots reaching up to their knees. All thats left from the night are empty glasses marked with lipstick.

Until the next ‘Messy Gallery’.

To be featured in next months Messy Gallery, send your artwork to with the subject as “messy gallery”

For now, tag us in your artwork @TheMessyHeads on Instagram + Twitter!



  1. Love this! And thank your for giving me a mention 🙂 Would it be possible to share links to peoples websites/further contact details as I’d love to look into some peoples work further x

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