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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

Settling into my apartment in NYC was no easy feat. It was a lot of online ordering and assembling ikea furniture. My main focus this month was trying to get my home in order while branching out and exploring New York. Also I donated my whole wardrobe (barely brought enough to fit in a suitcase with me in the move) to opt for a comfier one that fit my subway commutes & 6 mile walks.


The Get Down– Takes place in late 70s NYC Bronx and has been a really big source of inspiration for me as I walk through the streets. It’s prompted me to ask every friend of mine if I can go up on their roof so I can practice my disco style kung fu. & Zeke is my dream boy.

Stranger Things– Another retro based netflix series that’s killing it. A boy vanishes and his friends dedicate their time to trying to find him.

Dara Muscat– Dara is a graphic designer so I love the cool text elements she adds to her videos. her editing is flawless. Her videos give me that heart flutter feeling and make me want to go out and enjoy all the simple moments. Also her style is iconic.

Sonya Esman– I fell in love when I watched her what is the meaning of life video.


PDF Crystal Guide– Cyb and I curated a 25 page informational guide to crystals! We talk about how they work, why they work, and ways to integrate them into your daily lives. I talk about chakras, cleansing and charging, a moon ceremony + more!! It has been getting such a good response and can be easily downloaded on your phone! When you get the email, tap the link to the pdf and then click “save to ibooks” it saves to a predownloaded app on your phone and now you will always have it and can scroll through whenever! PDFs are sent out every other day via the email that you ordered with, and are only $2.50!

We Should All Be Feminists– A lovely lil angel sent me a package in the mail that included a coffee mug, shorts, I have been wearing daily, and this simple book. It is a quick read, playful, but has universal truths on every page. I leave it out on my coffee table to prompt my friends to pick it up and thumb through it.

New Earth– My friend Haley recommended this book to me and now I wanted to share it with you. I have highlighted so many passages and spent days rereading a single page. It is so inspiring and a zoom out perspective we need to get our ego in check.

Ecofeminist Literature– Ecofeminism is considered to be a branch of third wave feminism, that is grounded in environmentalism and animal rights. It starts with something we all have control over- animals, and breaks down methods of oppression and tries to find similar elements and solutions within all of these power struggle dynamics. I listed a thread of some of my favorite ecofeminist works on my twitter.


Lead Palestine– My friend RJ just got back from his trip to Palestine, where he spent time in refugee camps connecting with kids and building a program, Lead Palestine, to create student leadership groups within these communities.

Sophiehur.mp3– Yazzy’s roommate, just met her and am already in love with this girl and her energy. She also always has her film camera strapped around her neck and posts the dreamy NYC scans to her tumblr.

Paigemaccready– Get ready to see lots of shots by this babe in the next mag. I’m always so amazed how she can take a super quick flash photo on her baby camera of me struggling to get on the subway and make it look nostalgic. Such a good eye for capturing those moments of youth, freedom, and true love.

Parismumpower– Paris also shot a few spreads for the next mag- including a piece with The Aquadolls. She shoots on film flash and gets these grainy, grungy, glamorous shots that I CAN’T WAIT to show you guys.

Luvjolly– Fell in LUV with this chick when I met her. We started talking about sexism in the streetwear industry and how she applied for a job at a well known streetwear brand and was laughed at, they replied “yeah, we don’t hire chicks.” (she’s got the creds- been working for Prada for a while now and sold Frank Ocean a scarf the other day). She responded by starting her own account to highlight women’s street style (@thestreetsleeps) and even though it’s still in it’s early stages, I’m a BIG fan.



Depop– Before I start talking about pieces I have to highlight this app. I bought my new wardrobe entirely on depop, for about $200 total (15 new pieces). You can find stuff for as little as fast fashion prices without contributing to a huge, wasteful industry. And I have found some pretty amazing accounts. Check out my depop, @emmercury and click on my following list to find people! Or you can just type an idea into the search bar. I found a few shirts and a purse this way! & You can bundle and haggle over prices all while sitting in bed with a face mask on. Depop is my new obsession.

Oversized tees– My going out look has been an oversized shirt with boots. (see many photos I have posted in my Jimi tee + suede boots). The trick is to search for men’s XL or a longer fit tee. I how unexpected it is for a night out and so easy to dance in.

Crap Eyewear– I love the funky styles this brand carries in a bunch of colors. You are going to see me wearing these a lot.

Harley Boots-MAN ARE THEY COMFY!!!!! Stylish and so perfect for walking around the city. I got mine off depop so they had a little wear and tear and were broken in just right.

Lid Gloss-If you caught my snapchat the other day I was so excited to be testing out new Milk Makeup products. Not only is the brand super inclusive in regards to race & gender but their products are CRUELTY FREE and so innovative. The lovely little lid gloss has been my favorite thing lately.

Overalls– I thrifted a clean white pair and smudged acrylic paint across the front to customize it. Simple things like that turn a basic piece into a personal piece.

New Classics Collection– I brought back the mustard tee… and two more that I think you guys will LOVE. A cherry red one to be worn with dark denim, red lips, or black cut offs and fishnets, or however other way you want to wear it. Plus a seventies style dad tee to add some retro to your wardrobe. Tees are unisex sizing & ship internationally. They are manufactured in a facility that is 100% sweatshop free, solar powered, paper free, and ethically conscious. For more info on the company I got these blanks from, click here


Rice– What I have been eating lately has been so so simple that this section might bore you. But I’m finding so much satisfaction in eating really clean and easy meals at home. I have eaten rice pretty much every day, because I can just put it on the stove and then go do some chores. But then once it’s done it’s so FLUFFY and DELICIOUS. & You can top it off with anything- chili flakes, avocado, curry sauce, salsa, sweet chile sauce, soy sauce, green dragon sauce, etc.

Bagels– There’s something so cool about waking up at a friends house and grabbing a bagel on my walk back home. I love finding random spots that have cheap bagels that are still so delicious. Favorite combos right now are whole wheat everything + hummus and blueberry + peanut butter.

Daily Harvest-Ciaffy is the smoothie queen and while I was staying at her apartment I got spoiled with her perfect combination smoothies. I tried out this ready made smoothie company that have all the flavors sorted out for you. You can stick them in your freezer and quickly make a smoothie in the morning, then pour it back in the cup it came in and head out the door!

Homemade Meals– European style- getting all the ingredients the day of. Fresh baguette, some pasta, and some veggies.

Sweet potato Fries– Life hack- just slice up a sweet potato put it on parchment paper and bake at 425 for about 20 minutes. They come out DELISH and can be eaten with mustard, ketchup, tahini, or any other sauce you want.

Crispy Gabanzo Beans & Kale– Another super simple but tasty treat. Put a piece of parchment paper down on a baking sheet and spread kale out evenly around it. Then dump an entire can of garbanzo beans over and lightly toss so the the bean juice gets on the kale. Sprinkle garlic, salt and pepper over it and bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes again- or until crispy. Put it over rice and turn into a meal or just eat it plain as a snack.


Clothing Rack– I highly recommend getting a clothing rack (ikea has them cheap!) Put your favorite pieces on display and get a better sense of your style. Once you have everything laid out it’s inspiring and easier to get dressed in the morning.

Cucumber Mist– I found this cucumber water at Marshalls that was an off brand of Herbivore Botanicals and I keep it in my fridge. As soon as I get in from a hot subway ride or am sweating from the humidity I spray my face with it and feel instantly refreshed.

Don’t Look At Me– Facemask from lush. It totally cleared up my skin, is bright blue, and smells like frootloops. I don’t think I need to say anything else.

Apt Deco– If you are in New York moving into an apartment or wanting to add some accent pieces check out this site! It’s like craigslist but way less sketchy. I got every single piece of furniture in my apartment from them!

Red Nails– Bluer reds not orangey reds. I have never ever painted my nails red before but I did it on a whim and suddenly everything looked aesthetically pleasing against my nails. My denim jeans, clutching a cup of coffee, holding a grimy subway pole- you get it.

Train Rides– When I was living in Seattle I loved taking the train to Portland. Grabbing a window seat, finishing up a book and staring out at zooming trees and scenery. I took the train into East Hampton this month and remembered how much I love it. Look up trains in your city and see where you can go! Usually if you get tickets a month in advance they are way cheaper.


Folk Metaphysics- Milo


Ivy- Frank Ocean

Solo- Frank Ocean

Good Guy- Frank Ocean

Self Control- Frank Ocean

Nights- Frank Ocean

Basically anything off of Frank Ocean’s new album






  1. Anonymous says

    Parchment paper is better to use in an oven, especially above 350 degrees! Wax will melt onto your food haha. Love this post 😙

  2. Rosa Kent says

    can you suggest some crystals that can increase energy or stamina?

    and i also have a recipe for vegan chocolate mousse/ganache! will send it through in a separate email x


  3. Loved this months favs. definitely will be getting a new messy heads tee. Have you tried quinoa? It’s similar to rice and tastes GREAT with lemon

  4. Grace says

    Hey Emma! Love this Have you listened to Tiny Little Houses? So chill- you’d love them!

  5. Renske says

    You should make a spotify acc so we can enjoy ur music choices all day long 🙂 ♥ ❀

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