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The leaves are changing, slowly but surely, and the days begin growing darker. It’s finally time to break out your comfiest sweaters, your fuzziest socks, and your yellow rain boots. If you’re like me, then Autumn is what you live for, what you long for every year. But if you’re not an Autumn person or a spooky soul then you may find yourself dreading the changing season, with this article I hope to show you a few of the things that brighten up the gloomy days (that I love so much). Hopefully you can make this fall just a bit cozier than the last.


Bundle up with some books //

Autumn is, in my opinion, the best season for burying your nose in a mountain of books while the rain patters down on your window. Wrap yourself up in some blankets at home or escape to a cozy cafe and let your mind travel farther than transportation could ever take you. I personally enjoy escaping to Hogwarts, with witches and wizards and potions and spells, Harry Potter is an Autumn classic.



Cozy up with candles //

Candles are always welcome year round, but come colder months they become something like a necessity. No witchy seance is complete without the light of a dozen flickering candles. No cozy night in is perfect without a home that smells of fresh baked pumpkin pie (without the effort of actually baking it). My favorite place to candle shop is TJ Maxx. They seem to have an endless assortment of candles you won’t find anywhere else. Grab a candle with a crackling wick for added coziness!


Pumpkins and poems //

Autumn seems to carry with it an endless amount of inspiration. It’s always so easy for me to write about the scattered leaves dancing by in the wind or to paint a picture of bubbling potions and steaming cups of coffee. Whether you are the one writing poems or reading them you can always find some inspiration in the words and tales of October.


Broomsticks and chill beats //

One of the simplest ways to get yourself into the cozy autumn spirit is through some soothing tunes. If the gently falling rain and rustling leaves aren’t enough for you then head over to 8tracks or Spotify and you’ll find an endless supply of rainy day rhythms and autumnal playlists.

So the weather might be a little gloomy and the wind might be a little cold, but with cozy books, candles, pumpkins, and poems i think that Autumn just might be the warmest season of all.

(then again, this is coming from someone with the nickname “Autumn Queen” so my opinion may be a tad bias hehe)

Here’s to wishing you all an enchantingly magical Autumn.

Stay Cozy xx

McKenna Kaelin

McKenna currently resides in Southern California and works as a full time Youtuber. You can find her roaming around Disneyland, binge watching anime, or writing poems for her poetry book. She lives for rainy days and coffee and always doing what makes you happy. Find her : Instagram / Youtube



  1. I do tend to get seasonal depression when fall/winter rolls around, while I do love it, I miss the sunshine and warm days. But this blog post gives me inspiration to try and make this fall amazing β€οΈβ˜•οΈ the leaves are so pretty and I do enjoy the cozy feeling I get

  2. This is so cool. I actually discovered The Messy Heads through one of Kenna’s Instagram posts, and now she’s writing articles for the blog. Y’all have all inspired me so much to do what I love and love what I do, and I’m honestly so grateful for that. Keep doing amazing things, all of you. Love & peace~~

  3. Daniela says

    My favorite person wrote about my favorite season in my favorite blog. Is this a dream?

  4. themusicalspirit says

    I absolutely love fall, the colorful leaves, the bright pink sunsets, the warm scent of pumpkin and the morning tea always makes me smileπŸβ˜•οΈπŸ“–

  5. Izzy Mather says

    Love Kenna, love the Messy Heads, love, love ,love this!

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