September faves


Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.


Stevie Nicks Interviews– She has such a dreamy way of speaking and a mind unlike anyone else. Click through a few of her interviews on youtube and you start to think of life differently.

White Girl– Went for a long walk and ended up at a couture type theater that served edamame in buckets instead of popcorn. I bought a ticket to see this movie, even though I haven’t been to the movies in ages. It’s definitely not appropriate for younger audiences- the main character does so much cocaine it started to give me anxiety. But the cinematography, freedom, chaos, and love in this movie is so beautiful. The main character probably has about fifty words of dialogue in total and is most of the time zoning out or stressed looking into the lens, but I think a film is really successful when you feel everything they are feeling without words.

Valley of the Dolls– A 60s classic that centers around 3 successful socialites who succumb to the monster of fame. The dialogue is awkward in modern context and there are a lot of plot holes, but I really loved the makeup, movement, and frames in this film. Lots of visual inspiration.

Retrograde– I have been posting weekly videos to my personal channel, just capturing bits and pieces of my day and what I am feeling and weaving it all together. Watch Episode 1, here. 



Just Kids– This book, not to be overdramatic, changed my life. If anyone were to ask me what my favorite book would be I would definitely point them here. Shout out to my friend Sammy for recommending it to me- she left for the week and texted me “do something Patti Smith would do while I’m gone.”

Half the Sky– My friend Caroline recommended this one. I downloaded in on audible and was listening on the subway in tears. The individual stories of girls who were part of sex trafficking contrasted by the numbers is so staggering. There is no easy solution to this huge problem- but step one is growing awareness, so read this and share it!

Used Books-There’s a book store close by that has racks and racks outside for 50 cents to a dollar. Most are stained with yellowing pages and underlines in random places, but that just adds more character. My last haul I got a book on nuclear energy, the education system, french poetry, and how to read minds.

Charles Bukowski– Besides Patti- Bukowski is one of my favorite writers. I picked up one of his poetry books and like to read a couple before bed.



@Cybellealexis– Cyb is in Paris and filling all of our feeds with blush tones, baguettes, silhouettes, and daydreams accompanied by poem-like captions. You have definitely got to follow her if you aren’t already.

@wiissa0-Their true talent lies in her vimeo- but there’s a link in their instagram bio to get there! I love this couple’s grainy nostalgic films. Use them as inspo and make one with your friends set to music!

@gurlstalk– Adwoa Aboah created this platform to talk to women about depression, body image, sexuality and more. She is one of my favorite humans and is out there doing amazing things.

@libbykng– The newest addition to the messy heads team! She is enrolled in NYU and in her first year studying graphic design. Such a sweet soul and excited for you guys to all get to know her a bit better.



Hoops– In general, this month has been an emphasis on accessories. I minimized my wardrobe to about 20 key pieces but you can redefine the same outfits by belting it or putting on fun earrings. Silver hoops were a recurring staple for me.

Head Scarves– You can find little silk handkerchiefs at most vintage stores for less than 5 dollars. I love sifting through and finding wild colors and patterns that mingle with my wardrobe. I like wearing them tied up like a headband, holding my bun together, or around my neck.

No Makeup– I really don’t think I wore makeup at all this month. See how long you can go!

Vans– Walking shoes rock and I have been wearing my vans pretty much everywhere-even when I go out at night because it’s better for dancing and walking a mile to a diner afterwards.


Shirts & Sweatshirts in Knots– If you want that cropped look without cutting your shirts, just pull out a corner and single knot it. I do this with sweatshirts too. Simple stylistic touches really make your outfit.

Really Fucking Fuzzy Socks-You know the kind.


Vegan Donuts– Get a box of all different flavors for you and some friends to split and find a cool location to sit, eat, and talk about life.

Sunday “Brunch”– Sunday brunch in New York is a headache- so expensive with up to two hour waits just to get a table. Instead I opt for a bagel from a deli down the street and a cup of coffee, then going to the park or a bench to just sit and listen for music for a while and observe everybody else passing by.

Picnics– In the grass or on a roof. Recommended items: dates, hummus, carrots, grapes, a baguette, strawberries, some sweet cake or cookies to split.

Garbanzo Beans + Edamame– Whenever I’m feeling  a little weak or low on energy I just mix together a can of garbanzo beans and defrost some frozen edamame and mix them together. Sprinkle some chile flakes and lemon juice- really clean and makes me feel vibrant afterwards.

Sweet Chile Sauce– I go through a bottle of this a week- not kidding. I love it on rice and veggies and even just right on lettuce.

Vegan Ben & Jerrys– We sit out on the stoop and eat PB & cookies and watch late night characters pass by. During our laughs and chats I have seen a dead body carried out of the apartment next to me and watched someone try and steal a motorcycle #new #york #city.

Pho– I was sick for a two days in the middle of this month, and the way I cure that is with a big, spicy bowl of veggie pho. More chile flakes & paste the better!

Pranna II– If you find yourself in New York just a little bit tipsy, go to this Indian restaurant. It is covered head to toe in christmas lights and gaudy decor, making for a fairy like atmosphere. The food isn’t anything to write home about but it’s a really fun date night or place to surprise your friends with. I recommend the channa masala.


This American Life– Open up your podcast app and select literally any one of these episodes, every single one is so gripping. The story telling and journalism is amazing, and perfect way to fill travel time in your day or to wake up to, do chores to, etc.

Instant Mood Lighting– If you get a sheer, silky sort of pillow case and toss it over your floor lamps, it turns the room that color! You can find some for really cheap and flop it on when you want to get in a creative or comfy zone.

Lava Lamps– I ordered a green and blue lava lamp off of amazon and love flipping it on to fall asleep, so reminiscent of my childhood night lights.

Paint Nights-Set up a full table of paper and paint, put on some music, and just dedicate some time to creation. It doesn’t matter if you like the result, its the process that counts.

Audible-I almost always have headphones in when I’m on the subway or out in the city walking and I like to switch up music with podcasts and listening to books!

Solo Walks– One of the most calming things ever, but please be safe! Just wander down the street or around your neighborhood with no destination. It’s like mobile meditation.



Needed You- Black Bear

Bam Bam- Sister Nancy

Dunes- Alabama Shakes

Pretty Girls Put Boys in Cemeteries- Sean Leon

Champagne Champion-Wes Period

Sleepwalk- Santo & Johnny

Strange- Patsty Cline

Birds Don’t Sing-TV Girl

Unfucktheworld-Angel Olsen

DJ Khaled is my Father-Spooky Black

Wasting Time-Kids These Days

All Smiles Over Here :)-The Garden

Hollywood Forever-Father John Misty





  1. I love these posts, definitely a favorite. I look forward to them every month! It’s enjoyable to read what you’ve been into and it’s like getting a snippet into your life ✨much love 🌹

  2. Anonymous says

    Loveddd this post!!! Just letting you know wiissa is a photography duo, Vanessa Hollander & Wilson Philippe!!!

  3. Mila Perrin says

    emma i love these monthly favourites i love going out trying to find the books you recommend and the tv shows and of course the music!! i gather my friends and try out the foods and adventures you recommend!! so much love for you, definitely inspire me every day xx

  4. I just looove reading these favourites it leaves me with a will to try out new things I wouldn’t necessarily have come across! and I needed some book inspo!!
    also really digging the no make up look these past few months 🙂
    love xx

  5. Just Kids changed the way I perceive life and made me fall in love with NYC more and more as I continued reading. Definitely shed some graceful tears.

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