Simple & Yummy Autumn Breakfasts

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 There is nothing better waking up to a chilly morning in October, making tea or coffee, and having nothing to do but saunter back to bed and under your warm covers. I am a firm believer in that slow, lazy mornings like this are what makes an individual whole again. Even better is when you get up, make a nice cinnamon-covered breakfast, and watch the mutli-colored leaves fall from trees. I’ve compiled a few very easy “Autumny” breakfasts that will make you feel wonderful and that won’t make you be apart from your bed (or your book) for too long.

The first thing I love adding to my breakfasts to make them taste like Autumn are apples. Apples, apples, apples. Just cut them up, chop them in, or add them to your pancake mix. It will make you feel like you are biting into a fall-inspired (and delicious) meal. My absolute favorite is adding apples to oatmeal. For today I just warmed up my favorite cinnamon oatmeal with almond milk, cut up a honey crisp apple, and drizzled honey (or cinnamon) over the top for a perfectly sweet and simple combination.



Then, of course, what else could be more perfectly fall than cinnamon rolls. They make your apartment smell great and they are an amazing treat for a slow, Sunday morning. I found this vegan recipe which you can definitely follow if you’re vegan!


So those are my two favorite Autumn breakfasts, but some others I love include…

*bread with peanut butter/almond butter with sliced bananas on top

*granola with almond milk and sliced bananas/raspberries/apples

*almond/dates smoothie

And that’s it! I really hope this inspires you and even though they might sound complicated, they are very simple and will be a perfect addition to your coffee and your fall morning!



NYC Bambi






  1. Anonymous says

    I have also been rocking various versions of cinnamon-honey-apple-granola breakfasts this fall!
    It’s honestly the best, I feel so inspired, and I can’t remember the last time fall inspired me (me and fall have an ambivalent relationship).
    My favorite is making oatmeal with soy milk, bananas and chia seeds, and then top it all off with frozen raspberries, apples, honey and cinnamon.

  2. Emilia says

    Try putting cinnamon or cardamom in the coffee filter, if will make the coffee taste like fall 🙂

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