Rebel Rebel 9 Day Challenge


Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

To launch Issue #2 of Messy Heads print, we are inviting you guys to come create, collab, and have a chance to not only get on the blog but also win a free Messy sweatshirt!

This is how it’s gonna work.

  • Do as many or as few of the daily challenges as you want. The more you do, the higher your chance is of being featured or winning a sweatshirt. You must post your submissions on Instagram on the designated day, you can’t just hashtag old photos- not gonna fly!
  • Make sure to hashtag your posts #messyissue2 #rebelrebel and tag @themessyheads so we can find you!
  • The challenges are split into three sections: the same as are in the magazine. Every three days a blog post will go up with a few favorite submissions from Instagram! At the end of the 9 day period we will randomly pick THREE people to win a free sweatshirt! Just an added bonus- we want this challenge to be for the sake of creation, connection in our community, and to celebrate the launch of mag #2!



OCT 19: Post a favorite piece of clothing or outfit and talk about your journey to finding personal style. Tell us who your muses are, what you are inspired by, why you chose this outfit to represent you, or how you usually express yourself through clothes.

OCT 20: Share three goals! Simple as that.

OCT 21: What is your signature? Freckles, locket, eyebrows, tattoos, hair, etc. Talk about it!

STAND UP: OCTOBER 22, 23, 24

OCT 22: Be an Instagram activist! Post a passionate caption about feminism, body image, veganism, diversity, etc. or anything else you want to address!

OCT 23: Watch one of the following documentaries (all on Netflix) and share a mini review. // Cowspiracy, The True Cost, The Mask We Live In, Blackfish,

OCT 24: A full day of being vegan! Post pics of your meals and talk about your experience.


OCT 25: Look through the hashtag #messyissue2 and #rebelrebel and find another Messy Head! Comment and say hi! Maybe even find a pen pal?

OCT 26: Give us some words of wisdom, what have you learned in your years here on earth? What do you wish you would’ve known? Do you have any general life advice or codes you live by?

OCT 27: Create a 15+ second video representing what it means to be a messy head. (tag us in the comments on this one so we can find it!)



  1. Sam🌹 says

    This is so incredible! I was talking to my friend earlier and saying how amazing it’s going to be changing up my captions and actually posting stuff that matters and spreading a different message on social media! I love ”tis idea so much Emma! 💕 I’m so excited to get my issue!

  2. Anonymous says

    would enter the challenges but my account is blocked for themessyheads, still confused by this.

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