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Instagram Highlights: STAND UP

…and so it continues! What does it mean to you to stand up for what you believe in? What do you believe in? What are you passionate about? You used your voices and shared your answers, bravely and beautifully. Here are some favorites from days 4-6 of the Rebel Rebel 9 Day Challenge…

OCT 22: Be an Instagram activist! Post a passionate caption about feminism, body image, veganism, diversity, etc. or anything else you want to address!4OCT 23: Watch one of the following documentaries (all on Netflix) and share a mini review. // Cowspiracy, The True Cost, The Mask We Live In, Blackfish5OCT 24: A full day of being vegan! Post pics of your meals and talk about your experience.6

Last but not least: STAND TOGETHER.

Remember: hashtag your posts #messyissue2 and #rebelrebel and tag @themessyheads!



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  1. Sam (@sammy1321) says

    Thank you so much for featuring my post ✨ these challenges have been an amazing way to connect and share our messy minds 🌿🌻

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  2. I only just started following “the messy heads” blog, and I completely love it! This series is so different than anything I have seen lately and I wish I could’ve found it sooner!!!

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