Instagram Highlights: STAND TOGETHER


Togetherness and connection…Tight squeeze hugs, clammy hands clutching one another, eyes locked over coffee and conversation.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 9 Day Rebel Rebel challenge! This post will reflect upon the last three days of the challenge, the STAND TOGETHER section. Oh, how your words have sparkled with creativity, passion, and individuality. Take a look…

OCT 25: Look through the hashtag #messyissue2 and #rebelrebel and find another Messy Head! Comment and say hi! Maybe even find a pen pal?7

OCT 26: Give us some words of wisdom, what have you learned in your years here on earth? What do you wish you would’ve known? Do you have any general life advice or codes you live by?8

OCT 27: Create a 15+ second video representing what it means to be a messy head. (tag us in the comments on this one so we can find it!)9

Check out these videos, created by…

  1. @nicolelarkinss
  2. @jillluvsplants
  3. @thedaughterofwords
  4. @tamarahitchens

Keep up to date with @themessyheads on Instagram—we’ll be announcing the 3 winners of the free sweatshirts soon. Until then…



  1. Sam🌹 says

    Loved all the challenges ✨ so great to see everyone’s posts and connect ❤️

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