October Favorites


Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

This month for me was punctuated by taking my friends to art museums and a trip to Paris. I was watching the leaves slowly turn to orange and yellows in central park. Writing more, feeling more, cooking more meals at home. I completely forgot about coming up with a Halloween costume amidst all the craziness, but did find time to sit beside Jim Morrison’s grave in Père Lachaise. Music, TV, moments, and more, here is what I loved most in October.


Black Mirror– I’m sure you have heard everyone talking about this. It’s a Twilight Zone esque series where every episode is a different story entirely but centered around the nuances of advancing technology. Most episodes are set in the not so distant future, the first one questioning social media or the third featuring a bit that promises eternal life in a paradise. They range from interesting to absolutely terrifying, and are an hour long so are the perfect slot of not-quite-episode but not-quite-movie.

Before the Flood– Leonardo DiCaprio tells the story of our earth and climate change. It is a really emotional and thought provoking piece that explains various factors of climate change and what it means for our future. It also presses what action we need to take in order to save our planet. This is really a must watch.


M Train- Another masterpiece by Patti Smith. If you didn’t pick up Just Kids that I suggested in the September Favorites, read that one first. Patti has such a poetic way with words, and M Train is centered around her favorite coffee shops and commentary on New York city so it’s making me look at my life quite differently.

Messy Issue 2 Rebel Rebel is ready for order! It is currently (Oct 31) in production and international orders are set to ship this Friday. Thank you for your patience during this process! So many people came together to create this mag and I’m insanely proud of it. For more info, click and read the description. I would also like to mention that mags are dispatched from a separate location than the rest of the merch, so if you get your shirt but not your mag yet, don’t worry! It’s coming!

I See Your Dream Job-My friend picked up this book secondhand and despite the title, it’s really spiritual. It delves into your “life path” number and what that means for your current lifetime. If you are weary of numerology, it still has a lot of relatable advice for dealign with aligning passion and career.

Cheesy romance book– When I was in Paris I picked up “Almost French”. It’s the tale of an Australian journalist who falls in love with a french man, but I was yearning for a more sappy romance instead of one about self fulfillment and career. So while I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that book, it was fun to read every night out loud before bed to my friends as they gathered around for “story time” like when we were little.

Vintage Playboys– My friend Caroline picked up some french playboy magazines from the 1960s and we sat in Jardin du Luxembourg flipping through the glossy images of women in wispy lingerie or fiery red leather. The images are so artistic and it’s hard to believe that it’s what playboy used to look like.

The Newspaper-In the coffee shop that I go to, this little man sits in his corner with words underlined on every page of the New York Times. As I wait for my bagel and coffee, I will sit with him for a little explaining the definitions of all of the words. Some of them I don’t even know myself, and look up and try to explain to both of us what it means in this context.


Hellorednails– Paris meant chipped red nails against glossy green cafe tables. Cyb was inspired, placing her hand against every croissant, doorknob, velvet couch, and coffee cup and snapping a pic. She created this playful account as an homage to the red nail aesthetic.

Parisbyvegan-Noémie took us out for a day in Paris to the Picasso museum and dinner at a full vegan french place. She is such a sweet, intelligent and creative person and inspired me greatly through our conversations. She also sent me a copy of her ebook which had amazing recipes plus every vegan spot in Paris! I was able to find vegan croissants, crepes, cakes, and more from her helpful guide.

Mattiasklumofficial-I love having his photos and captions pop up on my feed when I live in such an urban jungle. It’s important to be reminded that there are beautiful landscapes and ecosystems all across the globe worth fighting for, even if they aren’t present in your daily life.


New Embroidered Sweatshirts– Now up in the shop are cozy sweatshirts with embroidered multicolored “MESSY” letters across the chest. I got them from a full conscious company  and they are SUPER soft. I have been wearing mine skating around the city and for walks through the park.

Paddington hat– Vintage shopping I stumbled across this olive green felt hat that reminded me of Paddington Bear. I wore it all around Paris instead of my usual beret-which felt way too cliche there. Not sure what this style of hat is called technically but it’s super sweet and kiddish.

Free From Fur– I borrowed Cyb’s polka dot faux jacket. It was so cozy and perfect paired with denim that I ordered one for myself, from this company called Jakke based in London. They have lots of stylish leather and fur alternatives that are really high quality as well. On the sleeves there is a cute little patch that says “Free From Fur” which I think is such a cool little reminder.

Fluffy Robes– Cold mornings have me not wanting to get out of bed to make coffee. I got a fluffy pink robe for getting out of the shower or getting up in the morning. I feel like a lavish little New York woman wearing it.

Trouser pants– You can thrift men’s trouser pants and they actually look amazing belted. I have been admiring my friends rocking menswear and got myself a pair of houndstooth trouser pants that pair so well with sweaters.


Baguettes- For just one euro, I had one every. Single. Day. Plain walking through the cobblestone streets and ripping off pieces to pass around. With jam and vegan cheese and some arugula for lunch. Dipped in almond milk french toast batter and pan roasted then topped with dark chocolate chunks and maple syrup for breakfast one morning. With hummus, artichokes, olives, and spinach for a quick little sandwich. I wish they were as cheap and good back in the states.

Espresso– I never understood how my mom would opt for a small espresso dose in lieu of a milky sweet coffee. But on a blindingly bright morning when your vision is still hazy and you want to write some poetry before going out to a museum- it makes sense.

Raspberry Jam– This has always been my favorite. In mason jars from east coast street vendors when I was little, at farmers markets in Seattle, and from the bodega across the street. There is something so nostalgic in a jar of raspberry jam for me. It’s really really good paired with crackers or baguette and my next recommendation…

Vegan Cheese– It’s becoming easier to find them at local grocery stores. I like the spreadable kind. I’ve found cracked pepper, basil, and garlic vegan cheese spreads.

Reese’s Puffs-Best thing to be accidentally vegan ever.

Gentle Gourmet-If you are ever in Paris, pop into this restaurant in the mornings on Saturdays and Sundays. They have boxes of vegan croissants and pan chocolate ready to go home with you, freshly made and still warm.

Sweetgreens– I probably eat here four to five times a week. It’s a salad bar and I usually create my own- chopped kale, wild rice, sweet potato, falafel.. YUM.


VOTE– I am registered in Washington but not currently living there, so I sent my ballot by mail just this morning. Wherever you are in the world, there is a way for you to cast your vote!! Click here to find out more about how you can cast your vote this election. Do not procrastinate on this!

Journal– Three new journal designs are up in the shop! I did something a little different and included a plain journal that comes with a sticker sheet for you to decorate yourself! I can’t wait to see how you guys personalize and customize your covers. Also currently working on 30 MORE days of journaling, but in the meantime you can get prompts from here 30 Days of Journaling // 30 More Days of Journaling.

Love and Radio-Really interesting podcast episodes that delve into the dirty details of strangers lives. Interviews with people who cat call, are drug addicts, witnessed a love story unfold from their window, or were in an orgasm class. They are always surprising and entertaining and make my train rides to Brooklyn go by so fast.

Skateboarding– In the morning before the streets are fully crowded, it’s fun to skate to a coffee shop or the bookstore. Don’t worry about wiping out or falling, because I do practically everyday. Skateboarding teaches you a lot about humility, being free, and doing something for the sake of the journey.

Red Nails– In my apartment we have one bottle of nail polish in my house and it’s red. I have ended up painting over friend’s current nail color and making the tips of their fingers cherry and glossy. It’s so sophisticated but silly to see it against our one dollar to go coffee cups or thrifted jackets. As a kid, red to me meant being grown up and sophisticated, so I put it on ironically.

Art Museums– This month has definitely been a museum month for me. If you have a student card you can get a discounted price or some places have free nights one day a week! When I was in art history class my teacher told us that you can only really spend time with three paintings when you go to a museum. She would make us sit in front of an assigned painting for forty five minutes, thinking about the shadow and colors and minute details and arrangement of the elements. Sometimes I still do that- sitting in front of a piece until my eyes start to cross. Even doing a quick google search on your phone of the piece reveals so much about it’s cultural and historical context. Some paintings that seem mild to us were extremely controversial and provocative at the time. Just go spend time in an art museum! And sit in front of one painting for a long, long time.

Painting on the walls– Paint nights at my house are really common. One night after we had painted on our respected canvases I looked at our huge white wall unsatisfied, and me and my roommates got up and painted a massive mural of two crescent moons facing away from each other with a lotus at the hearts center (literally this is the central room of our house) and a garden blooming below. Since the night of christening that wall with a huge mural, we have painted other walls of the house and add on to them whenever we get inspired. It’s super liberating- but I will have to paint over it with eggshell paint when my lease is up.

Runs first thing in the morning– I find that if I wait for my runs later in the day I start to get anxious about how I am going to fit it into my schedule and can be less spontaneous with cafe dates or dinner plans if I have to fit a run in before sunset. So I lay out my running clothes the night before and within minutes of waking up I am out the door. It really gives you a chance to meditate and move your body in the morning and is my favorite way to start the day.

Reading aloud– Gather your friends and read a book to them, or take turns reading passages from your journal. Personal storytelling is such a big part of human culture that we don’t practice often enough in modern day.


Good Looks-Girlyboi

Castle Made of Sand-Jimi Hendrix

Somehow.-Phony Ppl

17-Youth Lagoon

The Spy-The Doors

Late Night in Kauai-Childish Gambino

Neon-John Mayer

Special Affair-The Internet

Chateau Lobby-Father John Misty

I Had a Real Good Lover-The Shouting Matches



  1. i absolutely love your favorite articles.
    it gives me so much inspiration to start new month.
    and, i’ll try to put my running wear side of my bed!

  2. i loved this article so much. im so ready for november to be here. i’ve made my monthly-goals list, including running more often since i’ve completely “forgot” to run in months… i’m also getting back on yoga, which is my prime source of meditation, (running is the second and “real” meditation/sitting in a quiet room with incense burning is my third)
    one thing that’d be nice would be if you guys’ could make a spotify or soundcloud account with playlists of all sorts, and maybe even make an article about your favorite playlists?
    lots of love from sweden

  3. Anonymous says

    ah i love this so much! ive been wanting to paint my nails red since i saw cyb in paris!! im gonna do it! im so excited to get the mag for my b-day,im turning 18 and i think it’ll be perfect.

  4. ” Dipped in almond milk french toast batter and pan roasted then topped with dark chocolate chunks and maple syrup for breakfast one morning” MOUTH WATERING YUM

  5. Anonymous says

    Haha how can you possible pay for rent, a random trip to Paris, a $10 sweetgreen salad every day … lalalaaa youre livin in a dream world most of us can’t afford

    • I split my apartment rent with four other people, I planned my paris trip when the tickets were low, a ticket from new york to paris roundtrip can be as low as $250 if you plan it right. I know the owner of sweetgreens in my area so i get my salads for free. These things really aren’t out of reach!!! I make the most of what I got and pay for absolutely everything myself. You just need to be creative with making your dreams come true u feel

  6. jessyyyy says

    Emma ! You need to make a Spotify account to post these sweet playlists girl 💋

  7. Anonymous says

    what do you guys think of making an 8tracks account with monthly playlists? you can ask all of the members of your team to contribute suggestions and 8tracks is the best because everyone can listen (vs spotify that you need to have an account). and you can literally just have the cover pic match the pic on the blog, it would be super easy :)) would love that xxx

  8. Emma Jakobs says

    love this so much!! i love your favorite articles.<3 you should listen to: Johnny goth – far away
    I think you will like it!!

    lots of love

  9. Holy crap, Em! For so long I’ve been writing and actually planning to have a blog, writing a mag or something like that but, unfortunately, I never really did cause I thought it wasn’t a good idea; I was like: “Who on earth would like to read what I have to say to the world?” And then, I found you on instagram thanks to Cartia and care about all the things you were doing with this messy heads thing. So I felt inspired and finally decide to write you. You know, I think love is about making people feel good about themselves accept them and you are truly inspire them and being inspired by them; the point here is that I think I love you, Em. Thank you for keep doing this.

    Love, Paola.

  10. Live for this blog 💕 I ordered both magazines back in October. Any idea when they will ship?

    Xoxo xoxo

  11. Anonymous says

    Love neon by John Mayer! This article really inspired me to start running in the morning, I have the same issue with trying to fit in my runs at night.

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