3o MORE Days of Journaling (Part 3)

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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

November is a dual time of change and being thankful for what you already have. Students hop from a few months spent in a totally new environment at university back to a place where they grew up, except this time some things are moved around and their bed doesn’t feel quite the same, conversations with friends don’t feel quite the same, and even if no one can see it, they feel the change inside them. How do you balance that inner and outer change with appreciation of the now? Everything slipping away and coming together. And even if you aren’t in your first year of college, the trees all around you are dying in the most dramatic colorful way, spurring inspiration and sparking conversation.

Let’s connect back to ourselves.

Make it a goal to write every single day for thirty days. Get your friends in on it to- text them the prompt everyday in the morning as a reminder for both of you to write today. Share a response as an Instagram caption or a photo & tag us @Themessyheads.

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Day 1: What do you wish you had the courage to do?

Day 2: What are things people can do to win your heart?

Day 3: What makes you most nostalgic?

Day 4: Who do you need to be more grateful for? It can be yourself.

Day 5: Write a poem about growing up.

Day 6: What is your favorite color? List as many things as you can that are that tone.

Day 7: Imagine yourself in an environment completely opposite from yours. If you are currently in a dreary, cloudy city then write about being on a sunny remote beach. If you are currently in the suburbs imagine what it would be like in the countryside. Pull out details that intrigue and think about the five senses.

Day 8: Now try to apply that same appreciation and gratitude in the previous prompt towards your current life. Write about your entire day, start to finish, and romanticize all of the little details like raindrops on bus windows and sweaters bunched up in the corner of your room.

Day 9: What does a good friendship entail?

Day 10: Take a recent situation where somebody hurt you and you stayed quiet. Write out what you wish you would’ve say to them in a respectful, loving manner.

Day 11: Write an imaginary love letter to a stranger you see today.

Day 12: Write five things you need to do less of and ten things you need to do more.

Day 13: Make a menu for your perfect breakfast and doodle the different food you chose.

Day 14: How do people describe you? Do you think it’s accurate to your true self?

Day 15: Who are you closest to in your family? Who are you most similar to?

Day 16: Bring your journal with you everywhere today and set an alarm for every hour on your phone. When it goes off, write exactly what you were thinking about when the buzzer went off. Do you notice any trends in your thoughts throughout the day?

Day 17: Write about a time you did something completely selfless and sacrificed your time, money, or energy for somebody else. How did it make you feel?

Day 18: What smells spring to mind when you think about cooking food with your family around the holidays?

Day 19: Doodle a coffee or tea mug. Write a poem inside of it.

Day 20: Daydream about what you were like in another life.

Day 21: Go sit somewhere and observe a conversation between people from a distance. Write down the dialogue of what you imagine they are saying.

Day 22: Copy down ten of your favorite quotes. Circle the one that is most relevant to your life right now.

Day 23: What would your younger self be surprised to know about you now?

Day 24: Write a list of things that are currently inspiring you and fill up the entire page. Could be anything from music, to moods, to articles of clothing, to kindness in strangers.

Day 25: What do you notice first about somebody? What person made the biggest first impression on you?

Day 26: What is your preferred method of communication? Text, call, facetime, face to face, writing letters? Why do you like this the best

Day 27: Take some time to write out something mean or gossip you recently said about someone. Try to write word for word what you said, then read it over. Do you really think this is true about them? Now write what they might have been thinking from their perspective.

Day 28: Put yourself back five years. What were you thinking about? What did you do for fun? Do you feel like you are the same person now?

Day 29: How do you pull yourself out of a funk? Make a how-to guide for your future self.

Day 30: What would you do if you knew you could not fail? (now go out and do it)





  1. Anonymous says

    Can you do another peek inside my journal post? Those were sooooo helpful / inspiring

  2. This put a huge smile on my face today! Also could you please put another peek inside my journal post? I agree they were inspiring! Thank you for this amazing content

  3. Anonymous says

    Hey Emma are your Vans Old Skool shoes vegan? I can’t find any information if the stripe is real or fake leather. Thanks and very inspiring post as aslways! xx

  4. thank u for these!! im going to save this for december(birthday month) i think it’ll be a good way to center all my thoughts on turning 18! thank uuuuu

  5. Anonymous says

    I love these prompts, so insightful and self-centering. I can’t wait to start filling my new journal with some of these! I ordered the Messy Thoughts journal and I just received it this week. It smells like vanilla, I love it already!

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