November Favorites


Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

The election actually spurred a lot of positivity in New York, from protests to sweet messages in the subway. I was inspired this month to focus on our blessings instead of the mishaps, both personally and globally.


Van Jones Interviews a Trump Supporter– Van Jones in general creates really interesting content, but this conversation with a Trump supporter offers up a unique perspective. Perhaps we aren’t as different as we think, and maybe want the same things if we can listen to each other.

Old Music Videos- Every so often for a laugh I go back and watch early 2000s music videos. Check out Sweet Escape, every Hillary Duff video, Avril Lavigne (Girlfriend), Fergie (Fergalicious). As you sing along you weirdly connect back to what you were thinking and feeling during that time in your life when the video first came out.

3:17 A short film by my friend Caroline. She combined VHS footage from our Paris trip with a passage she wrote on the plane ride home. She read it to me in the darkness, squeezed in a middle seat and window seat. I cried then and cried even harder when I saw the video she made. She evokes the sensation that nothing lasts forever, and the sweetest memories are painful even in the moment because you know that they will one day slip away.

Rebel Rebel Video– My friend Sammy and I were laying in her bed after a long day, listening to her records and writing in our journals. She switched the song, and I asked, “dude who is this by?” With a huge grin on her face she said, “ME!” She inspires me in her spontaneity and ability to be fearlessly herself, so I took some footage of a couple days spent in Brooklyn with her over the song that she wrote. She also talks about how she ended up in New York. Another “She’s a Rebel” video is coming this week featuring a different girl!


Messy Issue 2 Rebel Rebel is OUT! I am looking out for all the photos you guys are tagging me in and tweeting out.This issue is in three themed parts: standing out, standing up, and standing together. There are photo essays, short stories, articles, journal prompts, music playlists, poems and even some pages with interactive prompts for the you to get out the pen and coffee and explore your own messy thoughts. Ships next business day! Buy it together with Issue 1 and save on shipping.

Crystal PDF Guide– Back up in the shop! Comprehensive PDF guide of crystals. You can easily save it in your phone once it is emailed to you by tapping and adding to “books.” Then you can easily scroll through and access it on the go. In this guide we cover energy, vibrations, chakras, picking the right crystal for you, benefits, how to use crystals, a full moon ceremony, & more resources!

Life is a Soap Bubble– Letters written by Osho to a friend regarding life and how to live it in the happiest way. They feel personal and hit you in different ways. A really simple philosophical read that resonates deeply if you let it!

7,200 Days– My friend Iz published this beautiful book of poems! She opens up to you and shares what she has learned, loved, and lost in her twenty years of life. She talks about body image issues, mental health, self love, sexual abuse, trauma, love, and overall makes you feel like you are not alone.

7 Laws of Spiritual Success– A pocket sized, self help guide. Me and my roommates have all read it and underlined different parts. If you really sat down to read it fully, it might take you an hour in total, but you should read it bit by bit and when you need to most to let the lessons sink in.


@BrownpaperbagNY-If you live in NYC give this account a follow. They put together food drives and clothing drives for the homeless and there are easy ways for you to get involved and lend a helping hand to those who need it most.

@MysticMamma– This is the best account to follow for astrology and energy in the universe. She posts long captions about the upcoming moons, how your sign fits in with all of this, and how to recenter and ground yourself. I always get so excited when she posts a new photo and stop everything I am doing to read the caption.


Makeout America-Franklin’s clothing line with new drops every two weeks. I have this red windbreaker from his line that I wear pretty much everyday over a sweater. He also posts his art on the blog section of the site. Check that out too!

Red Boots– Found these faux leather, glossy red boots that are also extremely comfortable to walk in. Also looks cool with the Makeout America jacket :).

Fishnet Socks-If you can stand cold toes, these are super fun! A lot of stores are carrying them right now. All of my jeans are slightly cropped so it peeks out and I like the contrast when paired with sneakers. A little extra detail to make a t-shirt and jeans outfit feel more special.

Oversized Tees– This is a typical favorite, but throwing a tee on over a turtle neck sweater is my go to right now.

Christmas Pajamas-Everyone in my apartment has matching Christmas PJs. It’s obnoxious, tacky, and so, so fun. We all come home after a long day and change into our patterned PJs.


Vegan Soup-My roommates got sick for a couple of days this month, so I went to the store with a mission to heal my tribe. You will need: vegetable broth, pasta (I used quinoa pasta), broccoli, corn, carrots, white beans, and some vegan sausage if you want. Boil the vegetable broth, add in chopped onions and garlic and let that stew together for five minutes. Add in the vegan sausage, then the carrots. Let the carrots sit because these take the longest to get soft. In a seperate pot, boil the pasta until it’s  al dente. Add the pasta into your soup, then after a minute or so add the rest of your corn, beans, broccoli. Turn the flame down to low and let sit for maybe 10 minutes and then serve with a chunk of sourdough bread.

Stir Fry– Frozen vegetable packets are easy to find with good sauces and veggies, but if you are making it on your own you can simply cook veggies in a pan with some soy sauce. I like mixing edamame, carrots, broccoli, bell pepper, and then serving over rice.

Raspberry Gelato– YUM! That’s all I can say.

Brooklyn Whiskers– A cute vegan bakery that you have to check out if you are/or are ever in New York. It’s owned by a couple who is obsessed with cats (check out the full wall cat collage in the bathroom). Cinnamon rolls, almond croissants, muffins, tofu scrambles, delicious avocado toast, bottomless coffee, and cheap prices.

Sweet Chili Sauce-I go through a bottle in two days. It is so so good over rice with whatever vegetables you want. I feel like every vegan goes through a sweet chili phase and I am in mine right now.

Popcorn-Most microwavable brands have butter or some chemicals in them. I ordered a bulk container of popcorn kernels. Just put three in a pan with a little bit of coconut oil and cover. Once all three of them pop, take them out and add in the rest. Recommended seasonings: chili flakes, garlic powder, earth balance butter, nutritional yeast.

Rice Cakes– Little puffy and crisp circles made of white or brown rice. I use these in lieu of tortilla chips or crackers. Can top with avocado, hummus, sweet chili sauce, or whatever else you want!

Hot Chocolate Pancakes– Make your favorite pancake recipe as you would normally, but with the dry ingredients mix in about two to three tablespoons of hot chocolate powder. It’s like chocolate chip pancakes.. but better?



Skateboards- I made some messy heads skateboard decks! Inspired by the two coasts and my two favorite places. Each one features a film photo that I took and a poem I wrote inspired by songs of the cities… California Dreaming & Wild Side. I did some digging and found a board manufacturer that is a zero waste facility and are amazing quality. I’m really happy with how they turned out!

Journals– Have you seen the three different journal designs in the shop? One comes with a sheet of stickers to deck out and decorate yourself! For prompts, check out:

30 Days of Journaling // 30 More Days of Journaling // 30 MORE Days of Journaling

Rebel Rebel Stickers– I know international shipping can get to be a bit much and I want everyone to have a little piece of messy, so stickers are ALWAYS free shipping, no matter where in the world you are. Put one on your phone, laptop, forehead, wall, journal, coffee cup, binder, windowsill, bathroom mirror, or wherever to remind you to be your authentic, rebellious, wonderful self.

Go to a Book Store– Barnes and Noble is my favorite place to go in the morning. There are so many options and topics to get inspired by. You could find yourself reading about deep sea aquatic animals, the french revolution, Wicca, fashion, photography, or more. Wander around to different sections and pickup books you normally wouldn’t and give it at least a ten minute read to see if it piques your interest.

Murals-If your parents or landlord won’t permit, grab a large piece of butcher paper and tape it up on the wall and paint away. Simple designs like suns, moons, flowers, faces, can turn into something really beautiful and are easy to paint with multiple people. We have three walls painted in our apartment so far and counting. I recommend using acrylic paint!

Social Media Detox-I deleted my social apps off my phone for a week this month, and was conscious of every time I unlocked my phone and mindlessly thumbed to the spot that the app used to be. Then you start to notice your patterns. When do I check social media? When I’m bored, uncomfortable, having anxiety, feeling unmotivated. And start filling in that space with something else like journaling, meditating, or even just feeling that moment of uncomfortableness. When I re-downloaded all my apps I was way more present and appreciative of people’s photos, captions, and ideas then using content as a way to distract me from problems that arise.

LED Light Strips– I ordered two of these and put them in our living and bedroom. When you want to write angsty poetry or listen to music or just hang they completely change the mood of the room. You can set it to any color imaginable and change the brightness as well. Really fun option for apartments with white walls or just general color indecisiveness.

Positive Post its– I was inspired by the subway! On fourteenth street there is a plastic folding table set up with lots of post it notes and pens to write down poetry, thoughts, or feelings and stick them up on the tiles. It spurred because of the election, and I saw lots of squares with empowering statements on them. We bought a pad for the house and have been leaving each other little notes in the fridge or cabinets to make each other’s days better.

Golden Thread-Time for apps! This one helps you slowly learn how to read tarot cards by drawing one card daily, and teaching you about the meaning behind it. You can also ask it questions, learn how to read full spreads, + more.

Left Vs Right– Three fun games a day to train your brain. I play on the subway.

The Moon App– Cute little app that all of my friends have on their phone and I finally decided to download. At any point you can open it up, swipe and see what percent full the moon is. It also sends you sweet notfications, like the moon is texting you.


Mobius- A Tribe Called Quest

Black Spasmodic- A Tribe Called Quest

Ego- A Tribe called quest

Say Thank You- Jill Scott

Cleopatra- The Lumineers

Reality Check- Noname Gypsy

Casket Pretty- Noname Gypsy

Forever- Noname Gypsy

Congratulations (feat. Bilal)-Mac Miller

Planet God Damn-Mac Miller

My Favorite Part-Mac Miller

God is Fair, Sexy Nasty (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)-Mac Miller


Borderline (An Ode to Self Care)-Solange

Love Is Real- Moods

Moon In My Room Ft. Willow Smith – itndylAn

That Girl-Pharrell Williams

Ill Call You Back-Erykah Badu





  1. Anonymous says

    I love Barnes & Noble but think it’s important to support local / independent bookstores. The Strand dt by union sq and Book Culture on the upper west! <3

  2. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this blog until now. I adore the way you think, eat, breathe, write, sleep, live!! I cried watching 3:17, it’s unreal how I found you and stumbled upon you just at the right time that I needed to. You’ve inspired me immensely. Much love <3

  3. Heather says

    YESS I fuck w mac miller’s new album. thank u for all these recs. <3 currently in a social media detox and planning on staying on it for a long time.

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