City Guide: Boston


As soon as I stepped off the T-train in a big fuzzy coat and looked around for the first time at Boston, my heart literally did a leap in excitement. There was something about the city that immediately felt like home to me. The cobblestone streets, the way all the buildings,he brownstones that were tilted charmingly on a hill accompanied by old-fashioned lamp posts, even normal convenience stores, all looked like they were apart of a 1950s film. The small, red-bricked sidewalks, the way people sped about on the sweetest of bicycles. My camera basically did not stop snapping the entire trip. Which is why I thought it would be great to recommend some beautiful, charming things to do in this perfectly quaint city as a part of our city guide series!



Right off the Charles T stop is a beautiful road with shops, stores, and delicious restaurants and cafes called Charles Street. All the shops were in brick buildings with old windows and beautiful doors. A cafe that especially caught my eye was Tatte. It is a perfectly Parisian yet rustic spot where you can grab a coffee and bask in the sun since there is a whole patio for outdoor seating. It is obviously a well known spot, since almost every table was taken up when I visited, but if you can find a way to snuggle your way into this cozy coffee space, you definitely won’t regret it. I also highly recommend J.P. Lick’s for delicious ice cream (there are many healthy options as well) and Panificio for breakfast or lunch.




This name will now forever hold a special place in my heart. The brownstones there were so gorgeous yet so charming that you couldn’t help but stand and stare at them for a while. Located on cobblestone streets and cracked sidewalks, the Beacon Hill brownstones are definitely a must when visiting Boston. Some brownstones are covered in Autumn leaves, with pumpkins at their stoops, others have wooden doors that look like elves carved them and succulents in flower boxes. Because they are on a hill (of course), the lamps and even the brownstones themselves appear crooked, yet in the most charming way possible. It is the perfect place to sit down with a cup of coffee and write. Describing the apartments alone could take up an entire page in one’s notebook.






If you love books and the outdoors, this book shop is definitely for you. Located on 9 West Street, the Brattle Book Shop is a space where lines of shelves dot a paved alleyway…yes, it is literally a book shop in a little nook off of a side street. You can get classics for a bargain and admire your favorite novels with natural light, or you can go inside where 3 floors of nonstop knowledge await you. They have posters, classics, and even antique books (on the third floor) where you can read or purchase for decoration.




The North end is an old neighborhood of Boston that has tons and tons of delicious restaurants. It is basically the Little Italy of Boston. You can see some of the oldest restaurants there, enjoy the markets, and have some amazing, classic Italian food. It is where you can be a real Italian, grab an espresso and cannoli, and listen to a man playing saxophone on the sidewalk as you walk down main street.





Another really fun spot to visit is the

Boston public market. Fresh fruit,

veggies, delicious donuts and bagels,

juices and organic honey. Located on

100 Hanover Street, the brick

building has locals constantly pouring out

of it, holding bags with their fresh

produce. Once you step inside it feels

immediately warm and

inviting, just like home.









I really hope you all got some ideas after reading this in case

you’re planning on visiting Boston! And, of course, I didn’t have time to explore every nook and cranny so feel free to let us know what other spots to try. As for me, I will continue to daydream about it and hopefully plan another visit soon…


  1. Maina says

    Trident Bookstore on Newbury is great too. The buildings on Commonwealth Ave are really pretty as well! Also break into the Boston University Business School skyscraper for the best view of the city. and the Esplanade for beautiful views of the Charles, and a walk on the Harvard Bridge

    • Claire says

      I agree – The Trident Bookstore is a great + cozy place to eat lunch and browse books!

    • Every time I drive to Boston I go to Trident!! I absolutely love it. The food is great and I could browse the books forever.

  2. Dalindcy Koolhoven says

    Man, Boston looks like an amazing city. I have never been there, but I always wanted to go – now more than ever! I’m loving these pics.

  3. Kiara says

    SoWa Market is always fun, there are cute shops in the same area as well. I also love stopping by The Thinking Cup when I’m shopping on Newbury St. Oh yeah and the Garment District (in Cambridge) is a really dope, and there’s a restaurant in the same area called The Friendly Toast which is this cool diner type spot, really good food. (They’re both off the MIT stop on the T)

  4. Anonymous says

    I live near Boston and you hit all of my favorite spots! I also love Georgetown cupcakes on Newbury street. Their cupcake are heavenly – and they even have vegan ones! There isn’t a lot of seating there, so it’s fun to buy them and then find a nice spot in the park to sit. There is also a great little Polish grocery store in Boston called Euromart, that is a little out of the way but has great stuff.

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