December Favorites


Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

Going back home for the holidays and working on my home back in New York. December is when the chill really comes rolling in and you spend more time inside being then outside doing. This is an opportunity to take up new skills, read more, or hang out more with your family or roommates. Home cooking, hot chocolate, tea and late nights defined my December.


She’s a Rebel– Second edition of the “She’s a Rebel” interview video series, featuring Jolly, a Brooklyn visionary, DJ, artist, and Sagittarius.We took a trip to Roosevelt island and I asked her about what it is to be a rebel. She talks candidly in her interview about failure, what it means to be a woman, and what she has learned about herself.

Frank– A Sundance film centered around a musician who can’t quite write music but joins an eclectic band- the leader of whom wears a giant paper-mâché head that he never takes off. At face value it’s really beautifully shot and has no real “hero” of the story which I always like, but diving deeper into symbolism, this film asks a lot of questions about the concept of perfection and what does it mean to want to be liked by others.

Lala Land– I rarely ever go to the movie theaters, but I always go on Christmas day with my family. We all four decided on this film, a playful romance story shot in LA that is part musical and doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are some really imaginative bits, great jazz, insightful dialogue, and doesn’t have a happy ending like you would expect.

Interview with Stella– I was in Seattle for winter break and my friend Stella came into the city to spend a day with me. We walked around pikes, got some tacos, and she asked me a few questions about The Messy Heads and it’s purpose.

Halfway to Nowhere– I have been a fan of Polly Nor’s work for a while and seeing it come to life and set to music was amazing. Her work always explore our inner demons and self acceptance. This video is so trippy and colorful and grungy.



Osho– This is just in general. Pick up any book by Osho. ANY ONE. I have read two this month and can always go back and reread old copies and find new nuggets of wisdom that resonate with me. He states really complex ideas really simply which is why I love his work a lot.

Rainbow in the Cloud– I have been reading and writing more and more poems, and this collection by Maya Angelou is one of my favorites to read.


@Pollynor– Artist responsible for the music video I mentioned above.

@Maryrosenberger– This little San Francisco artist recently moved to NYC! Check her out for insanely honest social media, amazing art, and her hilarious captions. Such a gem.

@glass.knuckles– I don’t know how I stumbled upon this art account. They don’t post that often, but I love the colors they use in their graphics. wear-01.jpg

Berets– I lost my black beret and found a blue one to take it’s place. When I went home for the holidays, I borrowed my brother’s mustard one. I love how fun and playful and warm they still are, plus they are available in every color of the rainbow!

Knit Scarves– Get some yarn and knitting needles, watch a YouTube tutorial, and challenge yourself to make a scarf for you or a friend this season. Shoot for a scarf, and even if you miss, you will end up with a potholder.

Embroidered details-Take some old jackets or jeans that are sitting in your closet that you don’t wear often but you don’t want to get rid of, and embroider some details on them. It just takes a little patience and you can create cute designs or words on pockets, hems, etc. I embroidered a Rose on Franklin’s jacket here.

Overalls– In corduroy or denim, so perfect with a tight turtleneck and coat to keep you warm in winter.

Glossier Boy Brow– My old roommate had this and I always asked to borrow. I love messy brows and a bare face.

Fun Earrings-If you are looking for fun, one of a kind, art pieces to wear in your ears, look no further! Mary (mentioned above) makes these incredible hand painted earrings in her shop. She gifted me a pair and they make me feel like an empowered woman.

Rainbow Sweaters– I love color when the weather gets colder. I’m noticing a lot of stores have rainbow striped sweaters, but you can go to a thrift store and find one there too!



Takeout Thai- This is probably a favorite every single night I just hold back from always mentioning it. My family’s Christmas dinner tradition is takeout thai food, and it’s a favorite among my roommates too. Something about snowy days and staying inside with a spicy yellow curry over white rice.

Screamers Pizzeria– If you live in NY make the trip out to Brooklyn to this spot for several vegan pizzas, from buffalo chicken to pepperoni to pesto. They sell by the slice!

Vegan Chorizo– Trader Joes has spicy sorizo that crumbles and is perfect for making tacos. Mix with black beans and serve with rice, avocado, and tomatoes! Can tuck into tacos or just eat out of a bowl.

Curry Rice– Mixing just a little bit of curry into your rice for more spice. (Pretty much all I eat these days are different variations of rice). Add peas in and close the lid, and toss in a few boiled potatoes.

Basic Breakfast– This is my go to every morning at the deli around the corner. A whole wheat bagel with hummus and a black coffee. I’ve turned a lot of my cream cheese loving friends onto eating their bagels with hummus as well. A much healthier (and in my opinion tastier) vegan alternative.

Flavored Coffees– Make your coffee at home and then get creative. We have a french press, so boil up all the grounds and then add almond milk and cinnamon, or add some hot chocolate mix, or infuse with some spiced chai soaked almond milk.

Chips & Guac– Cuddling up and watching Netflix with chips and homemade guac. Mash up two avocados, mix with juice of one half lime



Skateboards- I made some messy heads skateboard decks! Inspired by the two coasts and my two favorite places. Each one features a film photo that I took and a poem I wrote inspired by songs of the cities… California Dreaming & Wild Side. I did some digging and found a board manufacturer that is a zero waste facility and are amazing quality. I’m really happy with how they turned out!

Rebel Rebel Stickers– I know international shipping can get to be a bit much and I want everyone to have a little piece of messy, so stickers are ALWAYS free shipping, no matter where in the world you are. Put one on your phone, laptop, forehead, wall, journal, coffee cup, binder, windowsill, bathroom mirror, or wherever to remind you to be your authentic, rebellious, wonderful self.

Poetry– Perhaps poetry is not the correct title for this “other” thing I have been doing. But just writing down random wisps of thoughts that come your way whether they rhyme or not. My journal looks like a bunch of staggered columns with about ten separate thoughts on each page. Catch them as they come to you and record what’s on your mind, no matter how small or silly.

Le Pen– My favorite pen to write with. Felt tip and doesn’t bleed through paper. I also just love the look of the ink.

Photo Albums– Going home and flipping through glossy 4x6s made me want to get a photo album for my house. Make one with your roommates or friends, get some photos printed and fill it out with doodles and little captions throughout 2017.

Train Rides– I took the train up to Boston and down to Portland this month. Look up train stations in your area and buy a ticket in advance (even cheaper with a student discount) partially for the destination and partially just to stare out the window at all the trees zooming by.

Less Judging, More Creating– Just letting go of any expectation of the final product and creating just to create. Painting just to paint, drawing just to draw, with no intentions of showing anybody.

Rearranging your Room– This month I also rearranged the living room and my room. Took down some shelves and moved around furniture to readjust the energy of it for the new year. Your new space makes you start to think a little bit differently!





Al Green

Easy Easy- King Krule

Baby Blue- King Krule

Bye Bye Baby-Noname

Pink & White- Frank Ocean

Where the Skies are Blue- The Lumineers

Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for a Sunbeam-Nirvana

Lake of Fire- Nirvana

Where Did You Sleep Last Night- Nirvana

Gabby- The Internet

I’m Glad- Captain Beefheart



  1. I feel that you or you guys really repeat a lot of stuff in your favorites. I challenge you not to and to possibly include a part on bottom of the article that states some of your readers favorites. I’d rather have less favorites than a bunch of repeats. Have a happy new year!

  2. Anonymous says

    I loved la la land so much. The colors and cinematography is amazing. Honestly is now my new favorite movie beside all of the wes anderson films. I love your blog so much thank you!

  3. alexandria says

    you should listen to the la la land sound track and jimi hendrix the wind cries mary

  4. Anonymous says

    buffalo chicken. .vegan? how?!? I’m intriged haha
    and all this talk about La La Land, I must see it now, thanks!!

  5. Caroline says

    do you know who Osho is? he used to be a cult leader, google the Baghwan Shree Rajneesh – that was his name before he changed it…read about him, he was crazy

  6. caitlin says

    one of my favorites was the messy heads magazine issue 2. my sister gave it to me for christmas and i am absolutely in love. i aspire to be as free spirited as you emma -xoxo

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