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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

video & interview by Emma Mercury

photos by Cybelle Alexis

Kailee took the trek to Brooklyn to visit us and talk about love. We put on Solange’s A Seat at the Table album and picked out a wardrobe of silk, faux fur, and red knit, and pop a roll of film into a camera to take some candids before her interview. Her boyfriend is 3,843 miles away and 6 hours ahead and Valentine’s day is just around the corner. But it’s just one day of the year of their nine month (so far) relationship. I was wondering how Kailee was able to have such trust in him and in their relationship, and I wanted to know about the first time she fell in love.

here’s how her story unfolded.

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  1. Ola Zurike says

    this is incredible, i’ve been watching kailee since 2013 and i’ve fallen in love with how much she’s grown as a creative, inspiring, and an intersectional feminist. this is so raw and i love every single part of it <3

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  3. Synne says


    I just noticed your blog and youtube channel after following you on IG, and I have to tell you that I am so in love with your artwork. I am specially obsessed with your analogue photography, and I would love if you made a manual at a time for how to make great shots with your canon ae-1.

    Lots of love from a Norwegian studying in England <3

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