Love Letters To Ourselves


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Cyb and I sat across from each other at Brooklyn Whiskers, our favorite all vegan cafe a bit of a walk down. It was right before closing, but we still could’t resist splitting a warm cinnamon roll and clutching our own cups of black coffee tightly.

We had planning to do.galentine.jpg

The morning of the fourteenth, we made a game plan and split off. I headed for the city to get vegan eclairs and lush face masks, Sammy and Cyb headed into the dollar store. We divided up, vacuuming, shoving everything in the bedroom, sprinkling glitter over every imaginable surface. Sammy got into her DJ mode and crafted a playlist she excitedly described to me as “two hours of boogieing and then an hour of crying.”

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We baked cupcakes and decorated them with little hearts and turned my tiny Brooklyn apartment into a glowy red love den. Heart balloons with twirly tails, reflective red cupids, flowers, and bottles of wine and champagne ready to be uncorked.

We texted the girls to come in lingerie and bring a bottle of wine.








Amid mingling, dancing, and sharing stories of love, I passed out papers and asked everyone to write a love letter to themselves. (I spilled wine all over mine.) Here’s some of what the girls said.




Now, go write a love letter to yourself.



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