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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

This month I turned 21, went to a country I never thought I would go to, came back home for a bit, and ran through the rainy streets of Portland.


Skins– This month’s TV show obsession is one I am a little late to love, but boy do I love it. It focuses in on a circle of scrappy stoner kids from the UK who have all been friends since they were little. I love seeing the little relationship dynamics between everyone and the trouble they get up to. Also, the style on this show is killer. I am inspired by Cassie’s lizard necklace she wears in Season 1, episode 2.

Loiter Squad– When I find myself unable to focus or in need of a little pick me up, I hop on Youtube and watch any clip from Loiter Squad. They are 2-3 minute sketches made by the Odd Future gang, so so hilarious.

Submarine– Must watch. Honestly. The main character’s inner dialogue is so witty and relatable. He scrambles to prevent his parent’s marriage from falling apart, maneuvers falling in love with a pyromaniac, and moodily stares out into the ocean, with constant dark circles under his eyes. This movie also beautifully discusses depression. Oliver asks his dad how it feels, and gets the reply of “it feels like I am underwater.” As you watch the movie, think about the themes of water, oceans, waves, submarines, as it all ties beautifully together to explain a complex feeling and emotion.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off– And to contrast submarine with it’s darker undertones, this really really feel good film. It’s the equivalent feeling of a banana split or dancing around with friends. It’s just FUN. I love this movie and always will.

Exploring Beauty with Grace Neutral- i-D has this amazing installment hosted by Grace. I find her presence so nice, she is so empathetic, compassionate, and asks questions that make people open up in an honest way. The series follows her as she explores beauty culture in other countries, from the mainstream to subculture. The films are put together so well, tell an amazing story, and are my favorite thing on Youtube right now. It makes you realize how relative beauty is.



Messy Mag 1 & 2-

China Chic– Don’t get the paperback version of this- get the full thing (or just go to a bookstore plop down and read a few pages). Vivienne Tam tells an amazing account of her personal history intertwined with what inspires her; the beauty of China and of the west. I cried at some of her passages, she brings such emotion and life out of daily occurrences and makes you look at life a bit differently.

Chloe Sevigny– This is a fashion book chock full of outfits Chloe rocked back in the day. What I love about her style is how dynamic it is. In some photos she is slouched over, shaved head, huge baggy t-shirt, skateboard in hand. In others she has long blond hair, slinky dresses, and a sensuality about her. Chloe teaches me that style isn’t about sticking to a certain type of look, it’s wearing whatever you are feeling. That alone will bring a certain sense of style because there is no one out there that sees the world or feels the same way you do.

Girl Culture This book by Lauren Greenfield is simply genius. She doesn’t put her own opinion in these pieces. Each page is simply a candid image of a girl, with a direct quote from her. But the way she captures her subjects are so vulnerable, and the juxtaposition of stories alarming. An open-faced spread could have the story of a girl in an eating disorder on one side and a girl at weight loss camp on the other. This book makes you question your own perceptions about what it means to be a girl, and a woman in society.

Crazy for the Storm– This is a really entertaining read. It’s a true story told by Norman Ollestad about growing up in Venice beach in the 70s, his adventures he had with his dad, and ultimately, surviving a plane crash that his father dies in. I would not normally pick up a survival story, (he had to descend a huge mountain during a blizzard at age 11 to get help) but Ollestad focuses a lot on his relationship with his dad and his coming of age, which I really enjoyed.


Isabel Janssen Isabel is contributing to the next issue, her photography is so beautiful. Check out her website as well, especially her polaroids.

Solange – She is the only person I make sure I check their Instagram story. Each frame she captures of her life feels so beautifully cinematic. The other day she filmed a brief clip of rehearsals- taking place in a white brick room with lots of light, huge mirrors, and multiple Persian rugs spread across the floor. I can’t get that image out of my head.

Sasha Lane– Amazing actress, amazing activist, amazing style. What I really love about Sasha is that you can TELL she feels good being her. Her confidence and aura just radiate off of her. Also, check out this video she did with Teen Vogue, Sasha Lane Reveals the Misconceptions About her Dreadlocks.

Vice UK– Short films about everything from a 94-year old Italian woman who cooks with weed to a feature on indigenous communities protecting their land and rising up against colonization. I love seeing what they are coming up with, and everything is shot so beautifully.



Funky Purses– The uglier the better, because why not. I got a $3 purse covered in pom poms and think its really cool. It makes people stop and stare, either to compliment or raise their eyebrows. Especially on days where all you have to wear is jeans and a t-shirt, or you don’t feel creative enough to put together an outfit, you can just grab your artsy bag.

Tote bags– Along the same line. Go to a craft store and grab a blank tote and customize it! Get creative with dyes, painting, or embroidering something. Cut off the straps and re-sew a scarf for the handle. It’s something nobody else will have.

Scarves– I think the best way to have style on a budget is through your accessories. Vintage scarves are usually by a bin at the front of thrift stores. You can find any print and fabric you want, and use it in SO many ways. Head bands, around your neck, as a belt, tied around your purse, as a top when it gets warmer.

Tinted Sunglasses– My favorite are pink or orange lenses. Put in your headphones and put on your sunglasses and look at the world a bit differently. Check out Seymoure Sunglasses.

Trousers– Go to the guys section at a thrift store and you can easily find some slacks. If it’s too big in the waist, just belt it! I think guys clothes have a certain relaxed ease about them that makes me feel instantly cozy in my own skin. Pair with a silk top for a balance of hard and soft, masculine and feminine.

Funky Earrings (no, REALLY funky)- Art as earrings, again inspired by Cassie from Skins. (seriously, she makes me want to look like a Kindergarten art teacher everyday) Check out this seller on depop for little figurines as earrings.

DIYing Your Clothes– Truthfully, I feel kind of uninspired by clothes that are out there right now. I keep a little journal with ideas I have about things I want to make, because why not. Think about how you can turn an ordinary item into something uniquely you by cutting, dying, stitching, or changing it slightly. Just start doodling or walk around a craft store and see what you come up with. Maybe sewing fringe at the bottom of jeans, or putting patches down the sleeve of a jacket, or stitching a quote around the collar of a white t-shirt.


Coffee with chocolate– While I was in Cuba I found a cafe with espressos that were served with a little dish of a chocolate, sugar, salt mix. A few spoons stirred in made it taste like a rich dark chocolate bar. SO yummy.

Simple, mono meals– If you find you are having problems with bloating or stomach aches, try factoring a mono meal into your day. It’s essentially a meal composed of only one food, usually fruit or veggies. I like mono meals of bananas, peaches papaya, watermelon, or potatoes. The idea is that your stomach digests it very easily, giving you instant energy instead of that drained feeling you can get after eating oily foods or foods with a lot of ingredients. Just make sure you up your portions, because fruit and veg aren’t as calorically dense.

Food Carts– Search food carts in your area, most cities have them! It’s an adventure trying to track down a taco truck when it’s in three different locations in one day. And the food is always AMAZING.

Cake– I keep a box of funfetti cake mix in the pantry because you never know when you will have to a) mend a friend’s broken heart b) apologize to your neighbors for being too loud or c) decide that you are the best pastry chef ever and attempt to make frosting roses.

Diners– Didn’t it seem like all the kids in movies and tv shows had a diner they all went to? I always dreamed of that, having a booth and someone who knows which flavor of pie you like. There’s something really nostalgic about American diner culture, so I love to go sit for hours downing cup after cup of coffee, writing, listening to music, or laughing with friends.

Dairy Free Ben & Jerrys- There are three new flavors people!!! This is not a drill. Click here to find your flavor and the closest place to you.


Journals– Have you seen the two new journals? Both come with a sheet of stickers to decorate the covers yourself. For prompts, check out:

30 Days of Journaling // 30 More Days of Journaling // 30 MORE Days of Journaling

PDF Guides– I finally figured out how to have these sent IMMEDIATELY to you after purchase. We have the film pdf guide, where we cover everything you need to know from the cost of film, to finding your camera, all of the technicalities, and ways to develop your own personal photography skills. There are links throughout the pdf to show you tutorials and help you find the cheapest options for both cameras, film, and developing your images. And we have the crystal guide, where we cover energy, vibrations, chakras, picking the right crystal for you, benefits, how to use crystals, a full moon ceremony, & more resources! When the email is sent to you, add to your “books” and it will permanently be on your phone, there to scroll through whenever you need.

Writing Letters– Texting, facetiming, calling is all temporary. Randomly write your friends letters and drop them in their bags or mail them if they are far away. I have kept letters from years and years ago and love looking back on them.

Walking everywhere– The sun is coming out, so if my destination for errands is under two miles, I make a point to walk there. You end up stumbling on new places or spots of the city you can make your own, and just get some fresh air.

Auditing Classes– If you are out of school like me but still want to take some classes, email professors directly and ask if you can audit their classes. I was able to sit in on some classes at NYU and am now auditing two classes at PSU.

Making time to be creative– I have a note posted on my window that says, TO DO TODAY: Move your body, work, learn, and be creative. It’s really important to make art just for yourself. Taking some time out of your day to write, draw, take photos, whatever it is that you are into, or haven’t even tried yet! Something you aren’t worried about showing anyone so it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad.


Telephone Calls- A$AP Mob

Islands- The xx

New Person Same Old Mistakes- Tame Impala

Good Night- Denzel Curry

Story: No Title – Denzel Curry

Excuse Me- A$AP Rocky

Wild Irish Roses- Smino

Glass Flows- Smino

These Days- Nico

Cashmere- Badbadnotgood

Heart Skipped a Beat- The xx

‘Cause I’m a Man- Tame Impala

Chanel- Frank Ocean

Hey Ma (Remix) – The Diplomats

Highs & Lows – TUT

She Said – The Pharcyde

How Does it Feel- Kamaiyah


  1. Could you guys do an article on DIYing your clothes? Clothes trom fast fashion brands like H&M always look the same, plus, like you said, are boring and uninspiring. I’ve always wanted to make or upgrade my clothes more and make them more personal, but I don’t exactly know how.. Or maybe you could share some websites or inspirational books? Xx

  2. Melek says

    I go out to drink mint tea at the same place so often that the guy who works there already knows what to make for me when he sees me

  3. Love reading these articles! Writing my own inspires me to get out in the world and find new amazing things to share with my followers x

  4. Sam✨🌹 says

    Any tips for auditing classes? I had no idea this was a thing and now I’m interested in doing it! I think it would be so beneficial for myself.

  5. If only australia had those cute diners that we see in every teen pop film :’) I’ve added China Chic to my list of reading and i think i’ll actually make the purchase today on book depository 😛

  6. Milly says

    SKins!!!!!!!! I saw the thumbnail of this page and i opened it up faster than i say yes to free food. Honestly, i love that show so much. I just finished watching season seven (which is probably the worst season, one because it was kinda boring, two because it was the last season.. :((( ) It is truly the most relatable show i have ever watch. Not sure how i’m going to cope now that i don’t have that … sense that something/someone understands me.
    But it’s really great that you love it too!

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