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May Art Gallery

You sit atop a stool, accompanied by shadows and silence. Sunlight streams through your kitchen window, bouncing off the stovetop and warming your arm. Your head and heart ache, and internal discord resides within you. To leave the house or not? As comfortable as your no-pants getup and the soothing silence is, you decide to venture out—to get some fresh air and immerse yourself in the world.

Realizing you made the right decision immediately, you buy a lollipop and window-shop, embracing the lively day. An open door with cool air pouring out entices you, and you follow the trail of chill into a vibrant, open space. Littering the walls are awe-inspiring pieces of art. Overwhelmed with delight, you make your way over to the first piece.

Welcome to the Messy Art Gallery.

Phoebe Bloomfield

By Phoebe Bloomfield

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By Emelia Arbouine

Alexa Mae

By Alexa Mae


By Morgan-Lee Snell


“Dreamy Self Portrait” by Krystin LeBouef

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

By Myha Heaven (@theindiigo)


By Geena Gemmell

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Don’t forget to submit your art and poetry to:


for a chance to be featured!



  1. kendall says

    I love the intro to this! It gets you in such a good mindset, I definitely imagined myself wandering through a gallery and thinking more deeply about the art


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