Watch Out! It’s Gemini Season

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Alright, time to talk. Most everyone says geminis are two faced, like to gossip, don’t care about you more than they do the next person they’ll meet.

Twins, meaning they are wishy washy and fake?

Maybe not (always)…

I mean sure geminis can seem contradictory. Yeah we change how we feel quite often. Okay… the us we are around you may not be the same we are around someone else, that doesn’t mean that every version of ourselves aren’t us. There’s just a lot to our character, more than even we know.

When I meet somebody I see pieces of me in them and I choose (unintentionally) which aspects of myself serve the situation. It’d be overwhelming to me and the whoever i’m with if I attempted to be everything I ever have been. I think lots of people, with lots of varying signs act and react (to some extent) like geminis stereotypically do.

Even if geminis are a bit crazy, that sounds like a good time to me!

So cheers to gemini season. Happy late birthday to my May/Early June babies and happy early birthday to the rest of the June geminis.

I made a few little things with this controversial sign as the theme:

starFILMSGEM.jpgMovies with geminis as leading roles:




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A friend once spoke to another friend of me in relation to being a gemini. They were sitting in the car and one turned to another “Gem-In-Eye”… gemini, think about it. They see the world entirely differently.

Pretty sure Kanye said something similar about geminis… Especially musicians:

So What-Miles Davis

I Wanna Be Your Lover-Prince

Like a Rolling Stone-Bob Dylan

Everything Is Everything-Lauryn Hill

Hypnotize-The Notorious BIG

Hey Mama-Kanye

American Woman-Lenny Kravitz

All Together Now-Andre 3000

California Love-Tupac

A.D.H.D.-Kendrick Lamar


MOOD.jpgEven if you aren’t a gemini (who alter egos come naturally to, as apparently we’re two souls in one body… idk about that but) you can still have fun with good looks and attitude. Switch it up, go crazy, just like us geminis are! Lol

gemini 2.jpggemini 3.jpggemini 1.jpg

**all images from tumblr**

Be a little more wild this gemini season and as always…




  1. Dani Zsófia says

    thank you, thank you, this is everything i need right now, i always struggled with embracing this duality/trinity/etc. in my personality. much love to you!

  2. Shyanne Marcelle says

    really love this post! it took me a long time to understand why I always found myself acting like whoever I was with at that moment but I’m getting to a place of really understanding myself 🙂

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