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June Art Gallery

art gallery

Sunset dips, dripping cones, clammy nights, tees as dresses…Summer has arrived. You spent the night before sitting on your fire escape, flipping through some old journals and sketchbooks and enjoying the cool breeze (as, disappointingly, your apartment always has its way of being hotter than the already sweltering city summer air). In delving into your archive of past creations, you scored a five dollar bill that you had taped in a journal from when you were 12. “To future me, whenever you read this: here’s $5 from my babysitting stash, hopefully this will make you smile.”

It’s now 11am the next morning. With the $5 in hand, you stroll into town to head to your favorite coffee shop—you may as well treat yourself. Arriving and stepping through the door, you notice something different about the familiar space—colorful frames scatter the walls, and the shop is more crowded than usual. You head over to the counter to order your drink and ask the barista what’s going on. “It’s an open art gallery. People from the community are just sharing their work and appreciating others’. Pretty cool, right?”

Welcome to the Messy Art Gallery.

Alexis Bennett

By Alexis Bennett (@alexis.bennett)

By j KiD


By Claire

Emily Jay

By Emily Jay


By Yousra Boudribila (@kittyoussi)

By Kimi Sadanaga (@sunlightdesign)


By Gabby Meerwarth

By Emma Bergström (@artbyemmabergstrom)

* * *

Don’t forget to submit your art and poetry to:

for a chance to be featured!



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