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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.


Sense 8— I think I have definitely mentioned this show on the favorites before, but oh boy is it a favorite. Season 2 is out on Netflix. Each episode is practically a mini movie, an hour-long each with such intense character development. It’s a sci-fi, thriller, romance, and so cinematic. Please, check it out, but you have to start from Season 1 first. (don’t blame me if you binge watch until you see the sun come up).

Crybaby— The plot isn’t anything special, goody two shoes girl likes the bad boy from the bad block in town. But the characters… the lines… the impromptu music scenes… none of it makes sense. Which is why I love it. (also 90’s Johnny Depp in case you needed another reason)

RuPaul’s Drag Race— The most recent season just came to a close, but you can find the episodes on Netflix if you are in the US. The queens this season are especially amazing, supporting, loving each other. Every time they are in the back room painting their faces, they open up and tackle important issues regarding gender, race, social pressures, etc. And they are all insanely unique artists.

YouTube Videos

Look behind the moments that are the heartbeat of Issue 3, Home.

I love all of the colors and attention to details in this music video.

Such wise words.

Whenever I feel disconnected from myself I watch an interview with Erykah Badu.

Just watch this.


Vegan PDF Guide— $4 for 75 pages of information. That’s as much as you spent on your coffee this morning. Pick up this extremely comprehensive guide that answers the question, “What is Veganism?”. We talk about issues such as the impact on the environment, animal ethics, human ethics, and health concerns. This guide discusses problems you might encounter when you go vegan, and how to make the transition. It is an informative and honest, with a focus on personal health, mental health, and creating an inclusive vegan community. Even if you don’t want to transition into being a full-time Vegan, there are a lot of documentaries and studies and personal accounts here. Just saying.. knowledge is power.

Issue 3, HomeThe Messy Heads Issue 3 is off to print!!! Our longest one yet. 145 pages dedicated to finding your home beyond a physical space. Articles speak about growing up in a suppressed environment, adoption, moving out of the country, living in an immigrant family, living with a significant other, and ultimately finding home in yourself.  This issue is in three themed parts: When I’m There, When I’m With You, and When I am. There are photo essays, short stories, articles, music playlists, poems.

Stealing Buddha’s Dinner—The book from our book club! I loved reading this, the details, descriptions, and feeling of childhood. I really enjoyed reading this and marked it all up and passed it on to a friend.

Your Old Journals—To see how far you have come, or to get re-inspired to do things that once made you happy. If you aren’t one to journal, you should start! It helps you know yourself, and is a small escape from life and time to reflect. If you aren’t sure where to start, we sell journals here & have 30 days of journaling prompts here, here, and here.

Labels on Your Food— What is your processed food made of? Chances are (especially if you live in the US) there are some ingredients and chemicals you probably don’t want to consume. Rule of thumb is you should be able to pronounce and picture every ingredient listed, but here is a more comprehensive list on what to look out for.

Everyday Sexism— If you hesitate to find a reason to support feminism, read this book. I got so frustrated at times, realizing what I had been told growing up and the gender roles unknowingly pushed on women. As a woman, read it to feel less alone, to feel empowered, and to feel like there is hope for the future. As a man, you should read this to see what women are going through and how to be a better ally.


@mello.__.yello—I love her attention to detail, and how she makes small videos out of images. I feel nostalgic for what she posts, even though I didn’t personally experience these moments.

@bryantdgiles—A current favorite artist. Each piece is colorful, energetic, with modern tones. In his pieces I feel small nods to pop culture—selfies and vanity, horoscopes, new age beliefs and old philosophy. I would love a huge painting of his hung in my house one day.

@undocumedia—What the mainstream media doesn’t show you.

@eathumans—Brandon creates feelings and scenes from a nightmarish dream through his photography. I always feel slightly jolted out of my reality when I come across one of his images, making me think about it for a few days or weeks after. Follow him to inspire you to push beyond boundaries of normal photography. I like that he tries to make interesting, eye-catching images, and through that they are beautiful.

@sameraflowers—Samera is an artist, activist, and student from DC sharing her struggles with mental illness and current creations. She is empowering as hell, hosting girl power meetups all around the world and sharing a candid, fresh perspective on life. I always check in on her page to see what art or musings she has to share.

@sashavelour—She takes Drag and makes it Avant Garde. I love her vision— the way she plays with colors, shapes, and concepts to create an entire story though an outfit, the flick of a finger, the widening of her eyes.

@its_not_a_date—Featured in Issue 3, Olivia is an Oakland based painter and photographer who shares colorful California moments via her instagram.

@lgbt_history—What you never learned in history class. LGBTQ+ history is rich in motivational figures, movements, and battles that we never hear about.

@yes_seoinji—I LOVE HER ART!!! SO MUCH!



More Glitter—Because why not. On cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, hair.. sometimes its just fun to sprinkle a little glitter on your skin before you go out or when you stay in reading books as the sun pours through your window pane. Most glitters are plastic based, which are harmful to ocean critters and generate unnecessary waste. Click here to order some Bio glitter, which is also available in most craft stores!

Big Straw Hat—It’s summer, so bring your own chic shade everywhere with you. Pairs nicely with a sundress and a few fuzzy peaches.

Merman Hunters—An amazing, affordable swimsuit brand with the cutest patterns and shapes. It is started by two sisters who have environmental consciousness in mind.

Sundresses—Pick up one at a thrift store, swingy, oversized, patterned, and bright perfect for hot days strolling through the park and sitting in the grass.

Blazers—Find your signature color and wear as a jacket. Really works with everything, jeans, dresses, t-shirts. Feeling like a grownup while simultaneously feeling like you are playing dress up.

Funky Patterned Pants—I bought a picnic style pair in primary colors and they are my new favorite thing. You can yours on depop or at a local thrift store.

Keychains as Earrings—Simply take off the metal loop, and slip onto a hoop earring. Adding a slight twist to your look to be cliché, tacky, artsy, or just out there.

Baguette + Fixings—”The Broke Girl’s Brunch” we call it. Grab a baguette, and then usually 3 of the following: hummus, avocado, tomato, artichoke, olives, sun-dried tomato, arugula, jam, vegan cheese, etc. Take to a park bench and eat right away. Best if split with a friend or two and accompanied by a few pieces of fresh fruit.

Baked Eggplant—Slice an eggplant in half, then cross hatch the open face it to create little squares. In a bowl, mix olive oil, coriander, cardamom, chili, salt, pepper, and garlic. Pour over the eggplant and make sure it seeps into all of the little slices. Bake at 400 F until the skin of the eggplant starts to crisp and peel a bit away from the flesh (maybe 30 minutes). Serve topped with tahini! Enjoy!

Oat Milk—Swap out your soy for oat! It’s so creamy, perfect in coffee, cereal, and flavorful and sweet. Has been my favorite alternative milk lately. Since ditching soy my skin has cleared up immensely.

Dahl—Cooks in one pot super easily. Cook up some lentils, peppers, your choice of spices, and toss in some potatoes if you like. Serve over rice! Perfect for cooking for big groups or making a massive bowl to reheat throughout the week.

 Biscuits & Gravy—The best vegan biscuit recipe is here (super simple) I usually sub the butter for half butter half coconut oil just because I think it makes the dough a bit flakier. For Gravy, sauté garlic & all the spices that you want with some vegan butter or olive oil. Add in flour which thickens it a bit, then add in UNSWEETENED non-dairy milk, stir that all together. Once its mixed generously add in nutritional yeast and stir until it’s the right flavor and consistency. Add salt & pepper & serve!

Vegan Croissants—If you are ever in Paris hit up Cloud Cakes, Gentle Gourmet, and VG Patisserie. Outside of Paris I have also found so many vegan croissants, such as at Little Pine & Cafecito Organico in LA, Gallery Cafe & the Fields Beneath in London, Champs Diner and Brooklyn Whiskers in New York. I’m just saying, when I went vegan I was super sad I would never have a croissant again and have just been proven wrong so many times, you can always find your favorite foods veganized somewhere, somehow.

Your Local Vegan Cafe—They are cropping up everywhere! My hometown never had any when I was growing up, and know there are several scattered along main roads. Go out and support your local cafes!

Hidden Brain Podcast—Their latest content has been AMAZING, looking into race problems in America and why they are happening. Listen to “In The Air We Breathe,” “Rap on Trial,” and “Is He Muslim?”.

Gratitude Journals—On your phone or on a piece of paper, write down three things that you are grateful for today, repeat for every day this week. See how much better you feel and how much more you appreciate the life you have. Bonus: send your affirmations to friends and tell them to text you theirs. Spread that love and light.



Drag Show—Support your local queens! I’m always so shocked how many of my friends have never been to a proper Drag Show or Cabaret. Find one in your city (and trust me there probably is one) and take a few friends. A lot of shows are donation-based, and many clubs have shows every day of the week with different themes and talent.

One Painting—If you live in a city with an Art museum, the best way to visit it and get the most out of your experience is to buy some sort of long term pass, or student pass and visit it more frequently for shorter amounts of time. I think most people go, look at every single piece for a couple of seconds, take photos of the most famous ones, and then leave. My university art teacher would take us to the museum and tell us to pick ONE painting to stare at for the hour we had. You start to notice the details, brush strokes, the story, and research the history and what that piece meant at the time, and you understand and feel a lot more than wandering around aimlessly. Art is about experience, feeling, and not just looking.

Sparkly Nails—I love no-color nails with a slight coat of glitter. If you want to create your own, just get a clear top coat polish and mix in your favorite glitter. You get to pick the amount, the color, and customize it more.

Making Tea—London really did this to me. I am the queen of making tea, leaving it out, and then it gets too cold to sip again. But the way all of my friends did it in the UK was making a big teapot for everyone. I drank a lot of tea while I worked. If you need a study session or want to sit and read and focus for a while, make yourself a small pot of tea to keep refilling a little teacup as you work.

Food Allergen Test—If you aren’t obviously allergic to anything like peanuts or shellfish, your body may still be intolerant to certain foods. You can ask your doctor to do a food allergy screening, which is just a simple finger prick. I found out I was intolerant to potatoes & dairy. Some other friends did it and found out they were intolerant to wine, gluten, corn, etc. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop eating these foods, but will give you a better idea about how your body works, and why certain meals will make you feel sluggish, anxious, or tired for the rest of the day.

Couch-surfing—If you are wondering how we are affording traveling through Europe, the answer is staying places for free. The premise is that you get a free place to crash in an otherwise expensive city in hopes that one day you will return the favor. It’s honestly the best way to meet new friends, find local places, and LIVE in a city versus visit.

Aimless Walks—Put in your headphones and walk around a new neighborhood, around the block, down to the park. When the weather is nice, and if it’s under 4 miles, I walk. It seems a bit excessive, but when you have a good playlist or podcast it goes by so fast and you get sunshine and the opportunity to stumble into your new favorite place.

Sitting in the Park—Bring a book, baguette, picnic blanket, journal, and large bottle of lemonade.




Rich White Girls—Mansionz

Tyrone—Erykah Badu

Love$ick—Mura Masa

LOVE. FEAT. ZACARI—Kendrick Lamar

Sex X Money X Sneakers—BJ the Chicago Kid

I Wish—Skee-lo

Keep Ya Head Up—Tupac

Paper Planes—M.I.A.

Gravel Pit—Wu-Tang Clan

Going to California—Led Zeppelin

Hey Ma—Cam’Ron

Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number—Aaliyah

No One Knows How To Love Me Quite Like You—Aaliyah

Everything is Everything—Ms. Lauryn Hill

Beast of Burden—Rolling stones

Chronic Sunshine—Cosmo Pyke


  1. Anonymous says

    These are my favorite posts, I honestly love everything you recommend and they’re set up so beautifully and I love how you recommend things that are usually free or very inexpensive

  2. beast of burden is one of my all time favorite stones songs, so good…also, thank you so much for sharing the fact about glitter!! i’ll definitely make sure to only buy environmentally-friendly glitter from now on. also, i really feel like you’d enjoy wes anderson movies.

  3. I always love everything you recommend. I can not wait to get my hands on issue 3!! All the love to you guys xo

  4. Checking these people out!!! And adding those songs to my messy playlist. Giggled at the fact that a podcast and gratitude journals are under the “eat” section. Haha!

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