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July Art Gallery

Clammy palms. Squeaky soles. Calloused skin. Beach days alternate with long days at work. Intense ebb and flow day to day. Monday: the sunshine and heat cannot be soaked up enough. Tuesday: we’ve had it—into a chilled coffee shop to hibernate we go.

A month to slow down. To reflect. To embrace. To open your eyes. Kicking pebbles as you wander down the street, you’re craving inspiration. You’re craving creativity. Spotting a gallery across the way with a colorful window display and a crowd gathered within, you make your way over. Upon entering, you’re overcome with a wave of gratefulness. Authentic art surrounds you along with authentic individuals. You begin chatting and taking it in.

Welcome to the Messy Art Gallery.

Catalina Cortes

Catalina Cortes2

By Catalina Cortes (@catallinnna)


By Hayden Nichols

Lindsay Mitchell

By Lindsay Mitchell

By Maya Dangerfield


By Danielle Del Rosario (@ddaaniielle)

Jasee Balajadia

By Jasee Balajadia


By Ali Hochman (@alihochman)

* * *

Don’t forget to submit your art and poetry to:


for a chance to be featured!



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