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Nights are cooler, air more brisk. Warm hues approaching, replacing bright blues. Obligations lurk on the horizon, and the sense of urgency to cherish these last days of summer is more intense than ever. Full days, full nights. Road trips and beach days, backyard bonfires and midnight hikes. Sunbathing to star-gazing. Hello, August.

It’s an end of the summer hurrah—celebration through a communal, creative collection. Mesmerizing works, a visual wonderland. Prepare to be inspired.

Welcome to the Messy Art Gallery.

Iris Moore

By Iris Moore (@iris__moore)


Photographer: Claudia Estrella (@xstrellx), Model: Duna Velasco (@_duna22_)

Grayson Sullivan

“Starry Eyed (Femininity of a Man)” by Grayson Sullivan (@Graesuhn)


By Kim Wetzel (@kim_wetzel)


By Georgia Seizis (@georgiaseizis)

By Julia Sasse


By Suzie Y (@sukozie)

By Rachel Gibb

By Claudia (, @satarvo)

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