September Art Gallery

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“Do you remember, the 21st night of September?”

You twirl while giggling as Earth, Wind & Fire rings overhead, clutching new friends’ hands and feeling an electric warmth in your core. 30 minutes prior, whilst wandering downtown on a random Thursday evening, you spotted an open door with glowing lights coming from within. As you made your way over, you noticed it was some sort of gallery opening—one featuring “a variety of artists within this very community.”

Upon entering, you were met with smooth tunes overhead and smiling faces eager to chat. Breathing in, you jumped off the diving board—immersing yourself in conversation, art admiration, and group boogying. And you felt alive.

Welcome to the September Messy Art Gallery

Megan Whitehead

By Megan Whitehead

Yiran Guo

By Yiran Guo

Yiran Guo2

By Yiran Guo

By Giuliana Passarelli (@giulspassarelli)

image5 (1)

By Lara Urkun

Lara Urkun

By Lara Urkun

By Linnea Gustafsson

Lacey Smith

By Lacey Smith (@laaaaaace)

By Chloe Mason

Heather Hamm.PNG

By Heather Hamm (@honeyglazed.hamm)

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  1. Sarah says

    So beautiful! The art from heather hamm and Yiran Guo are my favourites! So much pretty colors, I am officially in love.

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