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Emma is the editor & creator (and occasionally writer) for The Messy Heads. She enjoys yellow curry, print media, and singing to herself.

Lately I have been good at finishing up journals, not because I am full of inspiration, most days I just have a need to put my scrambled thoughts on paper. I have been good at finishing up journals for a more type-A reason, I am cycling through a lot of chapters in my life and 1) I can’t hold on to a journal past it’s “due date” and 2) I hate blank pages in journals. It feels like a waste of paper and space.

So as I move around and change locations, I scramble to fill up my journals. With reflections, random doodles, poems that make no sense.

Overall, I just want to show you that there is no expectation with journaling. It is just a space for you to be creative during the day. Draw hats that you see. Write down random words that come to mind as you sip coffee. Write about the things that prevent you from writing. Draw what your writers block looks like. Make your journal a space where anything goes.

Here are some pages from my Red journal, which followed me for a few months of traveling.

Left side: Pieces at the museum I saw that I liked

Right side: What I saw at the pawn shop. 


Left side: Random ideas/shit I wrote in my phone notes.

Right side: Dealing with my star sign.

Left side: Things I should do more of. 

Right side: Thinking about focusing.  

Left side: What I’m learning about friends. 

Right side: Went for a drive listening to Channel Orange and eating fast food. 

Left side: Paris in the summer.

Right side: Doodles.

Left side: Your biggest creation is life itself. 

Right side: They are going to make you a character so you might as well be one. 

Left side: Knowledge and wisdom.

Right side: You can make anything happen. 


  1. i LOVE this, esp. the face doodles, and feel so inspired to continue writing so thank you Em <3

  2. I’m such a nosy person, I always love to see people’s houses and the insides of artist’s sketchbooks, so I always love when you post parts of your journal. I also find it super brave because I, too, am notebook/journal keeping type of person and I can’t imagine sharing my thoughts with the world. ALSO I’m not sure if it’s just me, but ever since you updated the website it looks really weird on my computer (both in Chrome and Safari). Like the drop down menu is always open and it looks like things are overlapping and are in the wrong place (it doesn’t look how it looks when you (or themessyheads) post stories about the site on insta). Again, not sure if it’s just me but thought you may want to check it out.

  3. You inspire me everyday to do whatever I’m in mood for. Stop and draw the trees. Make pancakes for dinner. Don’t feel sorry for feeling too much. Laugh. Cry in front of people. Daydream. Make mistakes and appreciate them. Thank you. I wouldn’t be the same person If I didn’t know you.
    P.S. Still can’t wait for that hug!! <3

  4. i loove this i feel like i shouldnt be reading this cuz its so intimate but i love imagining whats in your brain (so creepy). journals are so precious!!

  5. so so cool and interesting (also inspiring) seeing what someone else writes on their journal!! also i have been noticing that since you have been on your ‘social media break’ emma you have been posting a lot on here and i love it. i picked up on the challenge too and i have noticed some changes. thanks for sharing your journey!

  6. Rachel Cobb says

    I started journalling nearly every day throughout the summer thanks to the inspo I got from you posting yours and it has been so wonderful and healing. thank you so much for doing what you do

  7. This makes me so happy Emma <3 I love the authenticity that I've been seeing more and more of recently.

    (Also, the website isn't displaying correctly on my laptop either.)

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