Paris in Rouge

Photo Stories

Lines from my journal in Paris


Paris is place you go to try and fix your heart, but get there and realize…

(Paris isn’t for fixing, it’s for feeling)


What do you think an artist is?

Using what you have to express what you need to.

(&maybe make someone else feel it too)

Ego feeling like an over ripe fruit…

poke me in the wrong spot and I  bruise too easily.

lonely while looking at paintings..

but in that way that makes you feel how that artist probably felt while making the work


we need good memories to replace bad ones

isn’t this why we make art?

Luxembourg Gardens: leisure, pleasure, laziness..

indifference or happiness.

I see why the light falls from the sky each night

I’ve had enough of day faces, too.



  1. I love going to art museums but I enjoy them most alone. I feel like I’m free to spend more time gazing upon every and every scrumptious detail for as long as I like. There’s something fulfilling about having a one on one relationship with each piece. You’re right though, it does feel very lonely at times and I think it is because great art prompts your heart to cry out in longing. Raw desire like that can make you feel so exposed and vulnerable sometimes. True beauty is provoking and calls you to ask expansive questions about who you are and your place in the world. For me, that is exactly what the messy heads movement does. <3

  2. Emilia Scott says

    Incredible. Always in LOVE with Paige’s work. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

  3. madison says

    this is all so beautiful, i am in desperate need of a trip like this

  4. Sarah Faith says

    So beautiful, love the photos and the vibe and the nostalgic writing. xx

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