October Art Gallery

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Tote bags filled to the brim with farmers’ market goodies. Wool socks in bed and under sneakers. Flushed cheeks, flushed sky. Tighter hugs and fuller mugs. Pockets are rediscovered as havens for chilled hands. Nostalgia strikes as orange orbs dawning carved faces grin on porch steps. Little legs scramble down bus steps and toward the open arms of smitten parents. October has arrived. A month of warmth, chock-full of messiness, musing, and magic.

Friday night—another long week down. The air becomes heavier earlier, as do your eyelids. 8pm. You drag yourself out of bed. An evening wander, you decide. Upon stepping out, you’re met with an exhilarating chill, eliciting an internal giddiness and sense of gratitude. You stumble into a small gallery a couple blocks over featuring a multimedia art exhibit—all local, community-based artists. Your eyes guide you with wonder and admiration as you begin gazing.

Welcome to the October Messy Gallery.

Grace Dephoff3

By Grace Dephoff (@gracessspace)

By Grace Dephoff (@gracessspace)


By Sabrina

Carolyn Ashe

By Carolyn Ashe

Miranda Pikul

By Miranda Pikul

Isabella Lalonde 2Isabella Lalonde 3

By Isabella Lalonde


By Maja Kezić (@gwythyr)


By Delaney Dusch (@photozbydelaney)

By Delaney Dusch (@photozbydelaney)

By Daniela Daisies (@danieladaisies)

By Kati Kirsch (@katikirsch)

By Kati Kirsch (@katikirsch)

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  1. Think the pink balloon field art is ripped off from Prue Stent, a semi famous artist from Sydney

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